“Before I was enrolled in the tuition programme, I failed my Math, Science, and English. But now, I've passed them all.” – Putri Angelina Binte Salimuka.


The SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme (HCYP) first began in 2009 in an effort to support and improve the lives of children affected by cancer. HCYP comprises of the education financial assistance scheme, bursary awards, tuition programme, and youth and family engagement programmes.

One such beneficiary is Putri Angelina Binte Salimuka, a 13-year-old student under the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) tuition programme. The programme aims to help children impacted by cancer, by providing them with one-to-one home tuition services at no cost.

Putri's mother is a SCS beneficiary who was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. When she heard the news of her mother she felt very shocked and sad. She thought that cancer meant end of life. Today, she feels more aware about the subject. “I now know that cancer patients are strong and not everyone succumbs to it,” said Putri.

Putri added, “I am inspired by my mother’s fight, because she is strong for her children.” Putri admits that she had little interest in her studies previously. Now she places huge importance in her studies, understanding that her education plays a big part in her future prospects.

She credits her tutor from the SCS tuition programme, Mr Maahen Melvin, as the reason for her shift in perspective towards her studies. She feels appreciative towards him for his help in tutoring her in the subjects that she were weak in.

In April 2019, Putri received the Good Progress Award during the SCS Achievement Awards. She expressed, “Thanks to the motivation from my family and tutor, I was able to make it through my studies.”

One of the main concerns of parents diagnosed with cancer, is often the impact of cancer on their children, and their performance in school. During this COVID-19 situation and Circuit Breaker period, SCS continues to provide a pillar of support for their academic pursuits and emotional well- being with qualified tutors providing free tuition services online.

Find out more about HCYP here https://bit.ly/2lUtXq4 or call 1800-727-3333