Mdm Soon Hui San was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017.

Making ends meet was challenging for the single mother of 2. With the financial challenges and loss of job, Mdm Soon had to manage her sons’ (then 16 and 12) education as well.


Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) supported her with a range of financial assistance schemes and welfare aid to alleviate the financial burden that she and her family was undergoing. Mdm Soon is especially grateful for the help SCS provided for her 2 sons too.

“Other than the financial assistance provided to me by SCS, I am more grateful for the support that was given to my 2 sons. The SCS Tuition Programme provided free one-to-one home tuition for my youngest son. The tuition teacher Melvin, was not just a tutor but also a mentor for him. Other than just tutoring he also took concern for his emotional well-being. I saw tremendous improvement in my son. As a mother I do worry about my children and the impact of my cancer. Thanks to SCS for journeying with my whole family and providing me the will to carry on,” said Mdm Soon.

Mdm Soon now finds happiness with her part-time baking job and being able to spend quality time with her children.

SCS helps needy patients in Singapore through various financial and welfare schemes. To enquire about SCS financial and welfare schemes, please call 1800 727 3333 or email welfare@singaporecancersociety.org.sg

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