Mdm Chang Purjanti was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 41. After going through surgery and treatment she decided to join a cancer support group. She met a support group member from Singapore Cancer Society (SCS). She was advised to join the SCS Bishana Ladies Group.


SCS Bishana Ladies Group was formed specifically for female survivors as well as women who have been diagnosed with any type of cancer and are receiving treatment.

This support group provided a platform for Mdm Chang to share her experience and learn from one another on how to overcome challenges. With the psychological and emotional support received through the meetings, Mdm Chang was able to better cope with the changes in life caused by cancer. After some years, Mdm Chang even became the Chairperson for the SCS Bishana Ladies Group.

Mdm Chang said, “I joined because I can meet other ladies that had gone through similar experiences that I can relate to. After some time, I wanted to support newly diagnosed patient that need help so that they don’t feel alone.”

As part of SCS’ holistic approach for patients’ families to cope with the cancer diagnosis, SCS also extended support to her daughter, Kelly.

The cancer journey can be challenging for children and youths as they struggle to find meaning and purpose in their circumstances. However, through life-affirming activities, they are equipped with the tools necessary to cope with the impact of cancer and to live life to the fullest. 

At SCS, a wide and holistic array of services are provided to these children, youth and their families that include a tuition programme, achievement awards, school allowances, youth engagements, and family activities.

Kelly joined Camp Rafiki when she was around 14 years old. This programme in partnership with Duke-NUS & NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, caters to young adults aged 12-17 whose families have been impacted by cancer.

Kelly has fond memories of the various reflections and sharing sessions that were held during the camp. She recalled, “Hearing stories of others, showed me that each person had their individual struggles and their own insecurities, and that I didn’t have to feel alone in this journey. Hearing advice from my facilitators made me view life from a different perspective, and gave me a newfound confidence to tackle the difficulties I faced.” Last year, Kelly returned to Camp Simba, Camp Rafiki’s sister camp, as a facilitator, which gave her the opportunity to give back to the very programme that had helped her through a difficult period.

There are many such beneficiaries that SCS reaches out to in times of need and journeys with them throughout their cancer journey supporting them in the different stages of cancer.

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