60 year old Mr Zailan Bin Buyong, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with metastases to the liver and peritoneum in July 2019. He had to go through a 15-hour surgery and extensive chemotherapy.

But within months, his health deteriorated with the possibility of spinal cord compression due to cancer metastasising to the spine. This has left him largely immobile and he has to be bedbound.


His wife, Siti Norlela Binte Abdul Rahman said, “My Medisave was close to drying up and we had no savings. My husband, who works as a Grab food rider prior to falling ill, has neither CPF contributions nor does he have any Medisave funds left. Upon knowing that his condition had worsen, I decided to leave my full-time job and give my fullest attention to my husband. The only provider for the family is my daughter who has to defer her plans to get married.”

They were referred to Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) for assistance. The SCS team applies a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that both patients’ and their family members’ needs are appropriately assessed and addressed. Currently, SCS is providing holistic care and support to Mr Zailan and his family throughout this arduous cancer journey.

He is under financial assistance schemes to alleviate the financial burden that he and his family is undergoing. He is also being seen by the SCS Hospice care team who assists with managing his pain. The SCS team is also providing emotional and spiritual support for a dignified end of life care that is in line with the patient’s values.

As caregivers provide physical and mental support for cancer patients, they are undoubtedly an irreplaceable force and an important aspect in a patient’s cancer journey. SCS provides caregivers the support they need and increase their confidence level to take care of their loved ones. Siti Norlela receives all the help from SCS to help increase her effectiveness as a caregiver and manage her caregiver stress. She said, “No words can express our gratitude towards the SCS team who are assisting us.”

About Walnut Warrior Exercise Programme

The Walnut Warrior Exercise Programme is for prostate cancer patients undergoing hormone therapy and aims to improve their muscle strength, joint function, mobility, and balance. Participants are provided with a learner’s video and resistance bands, which can be adjusted to keep pace with muscular development.

Sign up for the Walnut Warriors Exercise Programme here: https://www.singaporecancersociety.org.sg/get-help/cancer-survivor/cancer-support-programmes/walnut-warrior-exercise-programme-for-prostate-cancer.html

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