Dr Ravindran Kanesvaran, Vice Chairperson of Singapore Cancer Society (SCS), is a Senior Consultant and Deputy Head of the Department of Medical Oncology of the National Cancer Centre Singapore. He is the co-chairperson for SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Management Committee. He is also a member in the SCS Nominations Committee and SCS Cancer Treatment Fund Committee.

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Dr Ravindran Kanesvaran has been contributing to SCS’s development since his involvement as a Co-opted member to SCS Council in April 2016.

Dr Ravindran Kanesvaran played a pivotal role at the launch event of the HPV Education and Immunisation Programme last year October. In his opening speech, he said, “SCS has introduced the HPV Education and Immunisation Programme as an upstream prevention measure to further reduce cervical cancer incidence.” This programme aims to raise greater awareness of cervical cancer prevention and encourage girls aged nine to 26 to go for HPV vaccination. This program subsequently led to the Government adding it into the National School Vaccination Program.

Dr Ravindran believes that the community action is important in creating a sustainable and supportive system for cancer patients. He said, “I hope SCS will continue to be the leading voice for all cancer patients, survivors and their families in this fight against the "emperor of all maladies – cancer. Your support is crucial in enabling SCS to reach out even further, and rally the community to join the fight against cancer and support patients in their cancer journey.”

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