Ms Ong Hwee Suan’s quote from her blog - “When the doctor broke the news, shock rippled through my entire being. Thoughts and images flashed across my head about my mortality. To me, then, cancer was synonymous with death.”

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In August 2011, Ms Ong Hwee Suan was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer; and recurrence within a year.

She said, “It was a whirl of confusion as thoughts of death, unfinished businesses and 'why me' flashed through my mind.”

After her surgeries and gaining enough knowledge about cancer she came to believe that cancer is an illness that can be treated if one believes in the knowledge of science, the efficacy of medicine, and the positive collaboration with doctors and nurses.

Ms Ong created 174 pieces of pottery for her exhibition titled ‘Beginnings’ in 2017. These pieces represented the 174 lymph nodes stripped from her neck and chest during her operations.

Beginnings expresses her deep appreciation for her family and friends and her support for cancer patients who are fighting to survive. She said, “Pottery has always been a big part of my life. It is my form of expression, and while lying in hospital bed, I had the idea to convey my gratitude through a thanksgiving exhibition.”

She donated all proceeds from the sale to Singapore Cancer Society (SCS). That was also the same year she celebrated her fifth anniversary as a cancer survivor. She said, “Cancer treatment can total up to a rather hefty sum. While some of us have insurances to tide us through it, others may not. I am happy to be able to contribute and help someone with a financial need and lighten his burden so that he can focus on recovery.”

Her message to those going through the cancer journey is, “Cancer is beyond our control, but how we respond is. Cry, grief, but finally choose faith. Accept help from those who care... and be grateful with your whole heart!”

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Planning and running your own fundraising event is a rewarding way to rally the community in the fight against cancer. Almost any event can serve as a platform to raise awareness and funds for the cancer cause. From organising high-tea sessions to fashion shows and sporting events, there are many creative ways to go about organising your own fundraising event.

For more info: https://www.singaporecancersociety.org.sg/get-involved/fundraise-for-us/start-your-own-fundraising-event.html

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