Kopparambil Prajeed moved to Singapore in 2006 and wanted to give back to the community. He chose the cancer community and decided to volunteer at Singapore Cancer Society. He received a Certificate of Appreciation for Volunteering with SCS.

Prajeed SCS Volunteerr


39 year old Prajeed was impressed with the services done by Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) for the cancer community that he decided to volunteer.

He said, “Cancer is the leading cause of death in Singapore. It is very common for someone to know someone affected by cancer. Cancer is also one of the costliest medical conditions. Apart from burden of expensive cancer diagnosis and medication, patient also face physical and psychological problems associated with the cancer treatment. So I chose to give back to the cancer community as it is a social commitment.”

He has volunteered with SCS for cancer awareness talks, signature events and many other events that require volunteer assistance. “SCS trains the volunteers and assigns us different roles. By volunteering I also feel that I have become more confident. By being able to make a difference to the life of others in the community, I feel valued and part of the society. Sharing my time to do this makes me feel good. It also helps them build new friendships and widens their support network,” said Prajeed.

He added, “There is so much one can do. There is a wide variety of volunteer positions available, from raising funds through sporting activities, to reaching out to others through community visits and event support. Everyone can do their part.”

About Volunteering for SCS

Our volunteers give their time and talents to help us minimise the impact of cancer in Singapore. They participate in a range of activities that address real needs at every stage of the cancer journey. At the same time, by volunteering, they gain the opportunity to:

• Learn, share, and develop a variety of skills
• Bond with members of your family or community
• Make a lasting impact in the lives of others

To find out more: https://www.singaporecancersociety.org.sg/get-involved/volunteer.html

To sign up as a volunteer: https://portal.singaporecancersociety.org.sg/Volunteer/Register

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