“The cancer journey can be an arduous one. The road to respite or recovery can take many twists and turns. But there can be strength in numbers. Many people walk the same journey with us. With the generous support of the community, no one needs to fight cancer alone. Make SCS your charity of choice and join our fight against cancer. 



Your support enables Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) to provide care and support to those impacted by cancer. Contribute and make a difference in the lives of cancer patients.

When cancer is diagnosed, it impacts all areas of life. We at SCS strive to provide them with a meaningful and hopeful life through the many enriching programmes and services we run. SCS and our beneficiaries are extremely thankful for the many dedicated people who have come forward to support us in this fight against cancer through various means for the past 55 years.

As we move into our 55th anniversary, we look forward to more support from the community to bring many opportunities to the many cancer beneficiaries that we serve. Your tremendous support will be a strong testament to our message that no one needs to walk this journey alone. Together, we can bring HOPE to those who are battling against cancer and impact their lives positively.

If you want to be a Donor, Volunteer, Corporate Partner, Fundraiser, Advocate and Supporter, we sincerely thank you for thank you for being a part of our cancer journey and showing solidarity and unwavering support for the cancer cause.

Take the first step. Click here: https://www.singaporecancersociety.org.sg/get-involved/why-choose-scs.html

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