Singapore Cancer Society and National Cancer Centre Singapore partner to provide holistic and seamless cancer support to the community. Professor William Hwang Ying Khee, Medical Director of National Cancer Centre Singapore shares his insights on providing greater integrated cancer care.

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“Every one of us knows someone who has been affected by a shared enemy called cancer. This enemy has affected the lives of too many families. My team and I at the National Cancer Centre, hope to vanquish this enemy through our continual efforts to improve care outcomes, boost education and invest in cutting-edge research to find new cures for Singaporeans who have been diagnosed with cancer,” said Professor William Hwang, Medical Director of National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS).

Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) and the NCCS inked a partnership on 27 February 2019 to provide Singaporeans greater access to integrated cancer care. The leaders of both organisations will leverage on mutual expertise and resources to help Singaporeans in the fight against cancer.

“This collaboration is part of our effort to move beyond healthcare to health by preventing and reducing the morbidity of the disease through screening and surveillance. This collaboration also enables us to move beyond hospital-based care and partner like-minded collaborators to care for and support patients and families in the community who are coping with cancer,” added Prof Hwang.

To provide a seamless experience for cancer patients, SCS will co-locate to the new NCCS’ building. The new office will house various SCS cancer support teams including Welfare, Psychosocial and Home Hospice Care. Prof Hwang enthusiastically remarked, “We really look forward to the SCS being sited in the new NCCS building in just over a year’s time. This will allow us to work even more closely together to raise cancer awareness, encourage screening, prepare patients for treatment and help them transition back to the community through education, counselling and rehabilitation.”

Prof Hwang hopes that the public can also do their part and promote cancer awareness in the community by participating in events conducted either by NCCS or SCS. “We can all contribute by encouraging our loved ones to go for early screening, adopt healthy lifestyles and reduce cancer risks by preventive measures like quitting smoking. Everyone can also join the fight against cancer by volunteering time or by making donations to support the work that we do. Join us to make a difference in patients’ lives.”

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