“Calin Tan, a breast cancer survivor, shares the importance of having a support group that helps greatly with managing emotions during the cancer journey.

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Calin Tan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. She was introduced to Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) by another breast cancer survivor about 5 years ago. At that that time there were only 4 support groups mainly for breast, colorectal, throat and prostate cancer survivors.

“SCS wanted to start another support group just for ladies with all kinds of cancer. That is how SCS Bishana Support Group started. I can’t believe it has been 5 years since the support group started. We just celebrated our 5th Anniversary in May,” said Calin.

She added, “When I first joined the support group I was surprised that such a support network even existed. Such groups gives cancer patients a platform to come together, share and support each other through monthly meetings. SCS’ events brings all of us together to celebrate our fighting spirit and life.”

She feels that cancer is not a death sentence and there needs to be more awareness in the community to reduce the stress and fear of cancer. Her message to everyone is ‘NOT TO GIVE IN TO CANCER’.

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