Losing your loved one to cancer can be a nightmare. Bridget Fernandez learns how to accept losing her brother to cancer and does her part as a SCS Goodwill Ambassador.

Bridget is an actress who has acted in movies such as The Blue Mansion (2009), Love Is Love (2015) and Achar! (2004). She currently stars in the hit Singaporean TV drama series, Kin, as Celia Shelley. 

Bridget Fernandez SCS Goodwill Ambassadorr


Bridget Fernandez lost her brother, Gerry Lachica, to liver cancer. When she first heard about his diagnosis, she was in a state of denial. She was totally clueless about cancer. When he started his treatment it finally sank in.

She said, “My elder brother needed me and I was there. We spent more time together. He passed on at 65. And it took me 2 years to move on. I stopped listening to music because he was a musician. I guess I just mourned in a different way. I still miss him.”

Over the years she has seen so many suffer from cancer and knows how cancer can cause turmoil in a family.

Bridget has volunteered to be Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) Goodwill Ambassador. ‘If me just being there helps SCS then YES. As an SCS Goodwill Ambassador I will do my part in any way possible to help the cancer community,” she added.

To those who have lost a loved one to cancer, her message is, “Do not be afraid or guilty to move on. It does not mean we do not care. Peace.”

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