“Learning about someone else’s cancer experience makes Sandy Chow feel that she is not alone in this journey. Being in the SCS Reach to Recovery Support Group has inspired her.

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Sandy Chow was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. She was introduced to SCS Reach to Recovery Support Group by one of the senior members.

Her first session in the support group surprised her. She did not expect to meet so many other ladies who are or have gone through breast cancer. She exclaimed, “Finally I did not feel alone in my battle. The members warmly welcomed me into the group. In this support group members share their experiences with each other. I was able to come out of my ‘shell’ and share concerns. I eventually gained confidence.”

She feels that peer support is really important in the cancer journey.

Learning about someone else’s difficult experience may make others feel like they are not alone in their journey. Hearing that you are not alone can inspire you or give you a little more confidence to overcome a difficult symptom or side effect. Peer support may help explain treatment options or provide a deeper understanding of your diagnosis. It may point to new research that may be relevant to your situation.

Sandy is also very active in the support group activities. She said, “I try to go for as many activities as possible. These activities keep me going and I look forward to them.”

She feels that feeling connected and having a sense of belonging improves health outcome. She said, “I now do not think cancer is the end of the world now. My experience has proven so far.”

About SCS Reach to Recovery Group

Reach to Recovery is a breast cancer support group that aims to help women cope with life challenges brought about by breast cancer. The women involved in this programme have lived through breast cancer. They now give their time to provide a listening ear and to share their experiences in order to help other women achieve a full recovery: cosmetically, physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically.

Find out more or sign up for the SCS Reach to Recovery Group here: https://www.singaporecancersociety.org.sg/get-help/cancer-survivor/join-a-support-group/reach-to-recovery-support-group.html

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