“Neyton has been participating in Singtel – Singapore Cancer Society as ‘spiderman’ for the past 4 years. The decision to run in the Spiderman suit came as an inspiration to run inclusively with the community at large, motivating runners to run along a superhero and cheering them along as they race against cancer.

Neyton RAC Participantr

“Singtel – Singapore Cancer Society (RAC) has always been meaningful to me. I know that my support can raise funds for cancer treatments, and other programs to help cancer patient and their families,” said 33 year old Neyton Tan Ting Wei.

He added, “Every year, I'm always looking forward to seeing cancer survivors or patients that come and share their testimonies. It is inspiring to see cancer survivors participate in the run, living their lives to the fullest as anyone else can.”

Although the Spiderman suit is not meant for running, he trains and conditions himself for the race. In the suit he is not able to drink or eat as that will mean visiting the washroom. Even his vision is compromised. He said, “What I go through to train for the race is nothing compared to what cancer patients go through in their lives. They are mentally tough going through the treatments and stay positive to persevere on in life.”

He feels that RAC provides an avenue for the public to not just stay fit and healthy through running but take part for a purpose. He said that it gives an insight into patients’ lives and create awareness on the Singapore Cancer Society’s programs and services that are available to enrich the lives of the cancer survivors.

He feels that there are many ways one can contribute to this cause. He said, “Your support will mean the world to the cancer patients. Make your first move by learning more about what Singapore Cancer Society does and volunteer your time today.”

Take part in Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer:

Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer aims to raise funds for cancer treatment subsidies, welfare assistance, cancer rehabilitation, hospice care, cancer screenings, research, public education and cancer support group initiatives.Funds raised will help to drive SCS Programmes and Services such as the SCS Cancer Care Fund, SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Centre, SCS Cancer Treatment Fund, SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme and the SCS Welfare Aid. Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer exists to make our statement against cancer, to minimise cancer and maximise life. No one should fight cancer alone - this event invites people of all walks of life to join in the fight and run alongside those who are impacted by cancer.

Find out more here: http://raceagainstcancer.org.sg/index.html

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