“Larry Toh is a freelance photographer. In early 2018, he started his own business, Larry Toh Photography, specialising in family photography. For Larry, working on this campaign was enlightening in many ways. Being impacted by cancer himself, he was able to connect with the people, bringing out the emotions during the shoot. He feels it’s important for cancer patients, even those who had beaten, can still get emotional thinking of their journey. He believes that emotions are part of the journey.

Larry Toh 55 Faces Photographerr

Larry has been doing photography for almost 10 years now. “Worked on a nine to five job to bring home the dough. Then I got cancer and became a father. Now I'm taking that leap of faith to pursue my passion – photography,” exclaimed.

He added, “In a lifetime, there are some moments when time seems to slow down to allow the mind to process what is happening, whether good or bad. These are moments that can change the course of someone's life. I've been fortunate to have a few of them.”

In 2012, he was told that he had a rare cancer, Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. He went for surgery and radiation. He still continued working after that. But in 2016, his cancer relapsed and this time it had spread to the lungs.

He said, “In 2012 the tumour was in my sinus. After a biopsy of the tumour we came to know that it was non-malignant. However, after the operation when the whole mass got tested I was told cancerous. I was sad and scared. However, the doctors seem to have a solution for it. So I went thru radiotherapy and then subsequently life returned to normal. We didn't give the cancer much thought and just followed doctor's instructions to do regular scans.”

In 2016, the scan revealed that the cancer has spread to the lungs. “Doctors could not recommend any further treatment but were quick to put a number to my life expectancy. Acceptance would follow after that. We came to accept the cancer as part of our lives and once we had done that, we realised that life is far from over. I started living in the moment more. Everyday I'm thankful that I'm asymptomatic, that I'm able-bodied, able-minded and that I'm alive. We stopped making long term plans and started living life a step at a time,” said Larry.

He left his job and pursued his passion of photography. He added, “I will not leave this life without pursuing photography. I discovered this passion relatively late in my life.”

His message for other cancer patients, “Find a way to come to an acceptance of your cancer, as an individual and also as a family. Once acceptance is there, then everyone can move on to living life in the moment. Don't look at the past with regret, it's already over. But it is important, because it brought you to the present.”


To find out more about Larry Toh: https://www.larrytoh.com/about

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