55 year old Deepak Mirpuri does what he can to help cancer patients by volunteering his time. He thinks that supporting the cancer community is a very personal journey and he is happy to make a difference in someone’s life. As a cancer survivor himself, he has valuable experience that can help others in their journey.

Deepak Mirpuri SCS Volunteer Driverr

Deepak Mirpuri, went through two bouts of cancer. The first one was in 2003. He was experiencing severe pain in my abdomen, losing weight and having blood in the stool. After further tests x-rays and scans they found the tumor in his lower bowel. He was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the jejunum.The second was in 2016. Cancerous polyps was discovered after a routine colonoscopy. He was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the caecum.

He said, “Cancer patients want to be as normal as anyone else. I believe now that if there are any signs at all of the body being un- well get it checked now. With early diagnosis there is a good chance that you can save your life.”

After his first bout of cancer he felt the urge to share his experience with other survivors, patients and basically give back to the cancer community. He came across Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) online and enrolled in the volunteer program.

The 55 year old cancer survivor started off volunteering in the administration department. He has also been part of few cancer awareness outreach at malls. He is now a volunteer driver providing transport for SCS beneficiaries to and from their hospital appointments.

He added, “It’s been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. I enjoy it very much and am happy to be of service to patients and give back in my own little way.” When asked about the most memorable experience, he said, “I used to ferry a stage 4 cancer patient. She was the most energetic and selfless person I have ever met. She was a great example of a cancer patient accepting the disease and living life to the full. Sadly she passed away last year after a very tough fight. I do miss her and her incredible ‘never give up’ attitude in life. There are times when I am able to share with the patients my own story. By doing this I think I give them a little hope for their fight with this disease.

He feels that a lot of people’s lives have been impacted by cancer. He concluded, “People need to understand and know that there are many ways one can contribute to the cancer community.”

Learn about what our volunteers do and/or sign up as a volunteer here: https://www.singaporecancersociety.org.sg/get-involved/volunteer.html


Our volunteers give their time and talents to help us minimise the impact of cancer in Singapore. They participate in a range of activities that address real needs at every stage of the cancer journey. At the same time, by volunteering, they gain the opportunity to:

  • Learn, share, and develop a variety of skills
  • Bond with members of your family or community
  • Make a lasting impact in the lives of others

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