“In 2016 when I learnt my dear friend, Alice had last stage ovarian cancer, I wanted to know about cancer and came across SCS website. From there, I registered myself for the cancer awareness talks and have been a regular participant since then.” – Lilian Fok.

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As a person not directly impacted by cancer, you may ask, “Why should I attend cancer awareness talks?” What is in it for you? Well, for Lilian Fok, she attends because of her great interest and passion in medical health.

Lilian was living in Australia for 27 years. She used to be in the F&B line before making a leap to be a pharmaceutical assistant. To better service in her job, she would invest a great amount of time to read up on anything related to medicine and illness. She joked that it even came to a point that her colleagues would tell her she is becoming a walking medical encyclopedia.

Even after coming back to Singapore in 2016, she continued to grow her knowledge in medical health. She explained, “it was something that I could not give up learning.”

During her research she came across SCS’ website and about the cancer awareness talks. She registered herself and become a regular participant since.

From the many talks she has been to, she gained new understanding and knowledge about various cancers. The Gynaecological Cancer Seminar was the one that resonated with Lilian as she felt the need to understand ovarian cancer so that she can better support her friend Alice.

Her takeaways from the cancer awareness talks are, adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, keep the stress levels down, avoid smoking and keep a positive mind.

Lilian recommends everyone to attend SCS cancer awareness talks. She explained, “Knowledge is power. Even if you are not impacted by cancer in any way, use this knowledge to help others impacted by cancer. Attend the SCS cancer talks and help to increase cancer awareness. Take charge of our own life. We can only be responsible for our health. We cannot take our precious life for granted. Let’s live a cancer-free life!”

For more details about SCS Cancer Awareness Talks, call 6421 5860 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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