“After running for the past 40 years, I was getting bored. I needed to find motivation. So why not run and raise funds for the SCS at the same time?” – Mr Joel Tay, Singtel - Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer (RAC).

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The 59-year-old teacher has been a supporter of RAC since 2010. During that year, he also roped in his fellow cross country runners to support the event by soliciting donations, and to participate in the race as well. 

One of the motivating factors of Joel’s loyal involvement in RAC is to honour his mother’s memory. His mother passed on from Stage 4 Lung Cancer in 2010. In the same year he joined the event. Joel explained, “Running in the RAC every year was in a way, to remember how much my mom suffered in that last few months of her life. During the race, I am only suffering for 15km. Once I am done with it I can go home and continue life as per normal. But to cancer patients and survivors, life may not be same anymore.” 

He added that taking part in events like RAC, makes him feel happy. He not only can help others directly, but also educate and inform others about cancer and how it can impact lives.  

Three years ago, Joel also decided to join Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) as a Charity Athlete to help raise funds for SCS, through sporting events.  He explained that RAC has impacted him to do more for the cancer community. In addition, he also wanted to lead by example for his students, to show that each person can contribute to a cause through their own passion. 

Comparing his first experience in the race versus now, Joel highlights the growing number of runners in the event over the years. This shows to him that the community at large cares greatly about the cancer community. 

To those who want to make a difference in the cancer community, he says, “Everyone can make a difference for the cancer community. Some sacrifice their time, some use their medical expertise, while others like me help by fundraising. Being a teacher, I teach the joy of giving, through fundraising. And the only way to do 'great' things is to do what you like.” 

About Singtel-SCS Race Against Cancer
Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer (RAC) 2019 is a race to save lives – Organised by Singapore Cancer Society (SCS), Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer aims to raise funds for cancer treatment subsidies, welfare assistance, cancer rehabilitation, hospice care, cancer screenings, research, public education and cancer support group initiatives.

Funds raised will help to drive SCS Programmes and Services such as the SCS Cancer Care Fund, SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Centre, SCS Cancer Treatment Fund, SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme and the SCS Welfare Aid.

Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer exists to make our statement against cancer, to minimise cancer and maximise life. No one should fight cancer alone - this event invites people of all walks of life to join in the fight and run alongside those who are impacted by cancer.

Find out more here: https://bit.ly/2msThUi

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