Do you love to travel? Seeing the sights to get away from work and life? Why not put more meaning to your love of travelling? Which was what Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) Charity Athlete, Scott Tay, did.

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The 27-year-old founder and owner of Beyond Expeditions SG, wanted to add more significance in his passion for travelling. With that in mind, an idea hit him one day, He decided to utilise his vast experience in travelling to do something refreshing and give back to the cancer community.

In August 2018, Scott led an expedition with 19 passionate individuals including 4 cancer survivors, cancer caregivers and SCS Charity Athletes, to journey across the Gobi Desert, Mongolia. They trekked a total of 1,092km over 4 days under extreme climate, and raised over $71,000 for SCS. They also faced challenges like flooding in the desert, sleeping in tents with strong winds, answering nature's call in the wild, trekking in temperatures of up to 42 degrees Celsius, and getting bitten by voracious sand flies.

In fact, the Gobi Desert trip was one of Scott’s most memorable experience as a SCS Charity Athlete. He revealed that he was inspired by the cancer survivors who did the expedition with him.

He also recollects about a group photo taken with them on the last day of their trek, and whenever he looks back at the photo, he feels a sense of achievement which in turn empowers him to do more in giving back to the cancer community.

Scott was introduced to SCS by one of his fellow Charity Athlete.

When asked about his motivation to help SCS, he replied “I joined SCS as a Charity Athlete to honor my late grandfather who passed away from lung cancer 14 years ago. I am a strong believer in breaking the stigma of cancer. I want to show people that life goes on after cancer. My travel company’s mission is to don’t just travel but go beyond. We don’t want people to just go on holiday. We want them to go beyond and do more because each of us has the potential within us and it is up to us to unleash it.”

The experienced expeditioner encourages people to help the cancer community within their own means or though their passion. Adding that it can be even as simple as putting time aside and volunteer wherever they can.

When asked about his message to cancer survivors and patients, he added, “Hope they continue to stay strong and most importantly to have faith in life. You’ve got to be positive because if you start feeling demoralised and you will feel that everything in life is crumbling down. Be strong mentally. You are not alone in this fight.”

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