What activities do you plan to help bond with your friends and colleagues? Staycations? Café Trips during lunch? Movie dates? How about volunteering your time to help those in need?


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Meet Claire Jiang, an Executive Financial Consultant for AIA Financial Advisers Private Limited. She learnt about Singapore Cancer Society’s ‘Sweet Home Project’ through a friend as she was looking for charity activities for her clients, friend and colleagues.

The Sweet Home Projects is operated with the help of volunteers and aimed to help beneficiaries of Singapore Cancer Society (SCS), to improve their living conditions. She took initiative to invite her friends and colleagues. Some of them volunteered their time while others donated to procure the necessary items for the household, such as washing machine, shoe rack, paints and brushes, hampers etc.

She recalled that they tirelessly helped to clean and paint the beneficiary’s household. It was not as easy as they thought it will be. Yet, at the end, it was fulfilling to see the beneficiary with a full smile seeing the improvements to the house. It made all their efforts feel worthwhile. Claire added that, “since we are in the financial planning industry, it is also a reminder that we need to do our job properly to protect the families from being financially burdened when illness hits.”

Claire’s main aim to volunteer in this project was to encourage more kindness amongst her peers through community service. She also wanted to contribute within her means to help the cancer community.

Claire also feels that volunteering helps colleagues bond. She said, “We might not really have much time to interact with each other during normal working days but volunteer work like this help us to understand each other better. And I feel proud that my organisation is full of kind people that are willing to help those in need.”

Find out more about SCS volunteer opportunities here or sign up to be a volunteer here: https://bit.ly/2zasQWZ

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