Cancer took her son at the age of 39. Three years later, her world came crumbling down again when she and her husband were diagnosed with cancer. Despite that, this iron-willed lady braved through her cancer and serves as a pillar of strength to her husband.

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In 2016, Mdm Kamsiah experienced heavy vaginal bleeding over 2 weeks. Upon examination by a gynaecologist, she was diagnosed with stage 3 endometrial cancer. All she could think of was to stay alive for her grandchildren who lost their father to cancer.

She underwent treatment and had to continue her dialysis for kidney failure. A month later, her husband was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma cancer. She just knew she need to fight this. She did not want to give up.

As a cancer patient with kidney failure, her medical fees were hefty. Their medical expenses doubled after her husband’s diagnosis. They were trying to make their ends meet. Her Doctor in NUH also advised her to get help as they had no income to support their treatment bill.

During this time, a social worker referred them to Singapore Cancer Society (SCS). SCS assisted them by subsidising their cancer treatment cost with the SCS Welfare Aid Fund. These aids lifted the heavy burden on their finances, allowing them to focus on their recovery.

Today, 65 year old Mdm Kamsiah is in remission while her husband is still undergoing cancer treatments with the aid of SCS Financial Assistance Schemes.

“Thank you SCS and all donors. With the help of SCS Financial Assistance Schemes, both my husband anf myself were were able to undergo treatment for our cancer. Thank you for giving us hope that we are not alone in this journey,” expressed Mdm Kamisah.



About the SCS Welfare Aid Fund

The Welfare Aid fund provides temporary financial assistance and/or medical supplies to enhance the well-being of needy cancer patients. Medical supplies include the supply of milk, diapers, medical dressings, stoma bags and other medical equipment.

Learn more information about the Welfare Aid Fund or email welfare@singaporecancersociety.org.sg

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