“I used to think that to stop smoking was just a decision that the smokers have to go through by themselves. But after the competition, I found out that to help the smoking situation in Singapore, it takes a community to help. It is a “we” thing. As peers we should help them through the process in aims to quit smoking.”

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Hayley Lee, a 19-year-old student from Republic Polytechnic, is a member of the winning team from the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) Inter-School competition 2019.

The competition was held to provide an opportunity for youths to be empowered with the knowledge to take charge and be a positive influence to their peers as ‘Smoke-free Ambassadors’; encouraging them to quit or not pick up smoking.

The winning team came up with a campaign titled ‘No Cigarettes, No Regrets’. This revolves around regret which is a consequence many smokers face from their decision to smoke. Hayley recalled that during the team’s research phase, they went around surveying fellow schoolmates who smoked. From the findings, what stood out was the feeling of regret. The team decided to have their campaign centred on the idea of having no regrets.

Before the competition, smoking was a normal part of Hayley’s everyday life as her father and some friends were smokers. She found it hard to get them to quit smoking which led to her initial thought that little could be done to push for a smoke-free society.

But her perspective changed during the course of preparing for the competition. Hayley reflected that after the competition, she realised that she can do her part to help change the smoking culture in Singapore.

When asked for her message to smokers, Hayley replied, “I would not tell smokers to just stop smoking, but rather don’t give up quitting smoking. It may be hard, but the will power can overcome this.”

Learn more about how you can live a smoke-free live here: https://bit.ly/2mchpdF

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