Faith Divya Moey started picking up her love of music from a young age as she was influenced by her music-loving family. It was at the tender age of 4, she decided to start learning the art of playing the violin. 

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After receiving an email from Singapore Cancer Society (SCS), Faith joined SCS as a Charity Ambassador in September 2018. 

She is part of a musical group called the Singing Strings which is helping to raise funds for the Society through their passion of music. The group consists of Faith, her childhood friends, Megan and Anna; who share their love of playing the violin, along with vocalists; her sister, Sophia, and friend, Donna. 

Faith’s grandfather is one her reasons that inspired her to help raise funds for SCS. Her grandfather is a retired Oncologist. She had heard a lot about how he spent his life treating cancer, championing palliative care, trying to bring comfort, joy and hope to all his patients. She now musically spreads joy to people impacted by cancer.  

“Everyone can do their part to raise funds for cancer research. Even though I am young, I can use my love for music to help support SCS in my own small way,” replied the 10-year-old when asked about her reasons to raise funds at a young age. 

Through Faith’s journey of being a Charity Ambassador, she learned about teamwork and the value of using her time to help others in need. 

Support Singing Strings here: https://singaporecancersociety.give.asia/campaign/music-gives-back

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Are you a talented artist, a budding musician, or an aspiring athlete? Use your skills, talents, and time to raise awareness and funds for the cancer cause. Do what you do best and inspire others to do the same in support of our programmes and services.

Sign up to be a SCS Charity Ambassador here: https://bit.ly/2kgpqOb

SCS is thankful to our Charity Ambassadors who help us raise funds through music, arts and other platforms.

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