Both of Jarelyn Tan’s parents had cancer. Her mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2011 and passed away in 2013. After a few weeks of her mother passing on, her family found out that her father had been diagnosed with neck and nose cancer.

Jarelyn Tan SCS Youth Club Memberr


The news affected both her and her brother tremendously. They were emotionally down and were not able to concentrate on their studies. She gave up on her education and started failing her exams. A social worker in Singapore General Hospital referred her to Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) for the SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme.

 “I initially gave up on my education after my mother passed away. My family and I are thankful for SCS that lent us a helping hand and provided tuition for my brother and myself. The tutors they provided were really kind and patient. I am really thankful for and all the tutors who had given me motivations and pushed me to do well academically,” expressed the 17-year-old student.  

SCS have been providing her and her brother tuition from 2013. Her family also joins other recreational activities organised by SCS for beneficiaries and their families. The activities are organised to create stronger bonds between children and their parents despite the impact of cancer in their lives.

Jarelyn is also an active member is the SCS Youth Club. She said, “Every month SCS Youth Club would organise events for us to attend. There, I can meet new people. Although we are all from different backgrounds, we are still able to share our experience and emotions because of the common issue we are going through.”

The most memorable experience for Jarelyn as a SCS Youth Club Member was when she went to the Universal Studio Singapore at Sentosa. She recounted that they all had so much fun just being together.  

Jarelyn feels most appreciative that she was able to gain her confidence through this initiative. She also revealed the she met her close friends, Phyllis Wang and Nicklaus Wang in the SCS Youth Club as well. 

She concluded with a message to other Youths who have a similar situation to her. She said, “Please know you are not alone. Try to be strong and believe in yourself.”

About SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme
SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme (HCYP) first began in 2009 in an effort to support and improve the lives of children affected by cancer. HCYP comprises of the Education Financial Assistance Scheme, Bursary Awards, Tuition Programme, and the Youth and Family Engagement Programmes.

Find out more about HCYP here https://bit.ly/2lUtXq4 or call 1800-727-3333

About SCS Youth Club
SCS Youth Club that offers opportunities for personal growth and development. This initiative is targeted at youths between the ages 13-26 years old to equip them with the knowledge, attitudes, talent and skills to manage a wide range of life experiences. Programmes are carried out monthly and our youths are engaged in the following areas: Leadership development, participate in various social recreational programme, learn important life skills, and attend workshops and volunteerism.

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