Mr Simon Tan is a prostate cancer survivor who is currently in remission.  

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Simon was working as an Account Manager when his doctor informed him about his cancer diagnosis. He told his doctor that he needed to finish up his work at the office first before heading back to the hospital. He took a month to close the payroll and handed over his responsibilities before undergoing surgery.


Up until now, Simon is very dedicated in anything he does. In 2013, he was one of the members who assisted Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) to set up the Walnut Warriors Support Group. Today, he is still an active member in the Walnut Warrior Support Group and is doing his part in sharing his experience and advising newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients.


This year, Simon was chosen as the Global Heroes of Hope Class 2019. A highly visible symbol of a personal victory over cancer, the Global Relay For Life Heroes of Hope and their stories encourage support and participation in the programmes of each global cancer organization. He was awarded for his volunteer work for SCS and in promoting cancer awareness.


He participated in the Singapore Cancer Society – TalkMed Relay for Life 2019, with a group of survivors, taking turns to be on the track for 15 hours.



Simon and his wife went through an emotional roller-coaster during his cancer journey. After his cancer diagnosis, he withdrew from his family and friends as he felt his manhood had been taken away. As a caregiver, his wife Jennifer, tried to understand him and became a better listener. Her mind went blank and felt very apprehensive about their future as her husband was the sole bread winner. She had to prepare herself on how to stand by her husband and support him. After some time, Simon came to accept his situation and started to keep himself busy with a lot of activities. He took part in dragon boat races, travelled and learnt how to make costume jewelry. He got so good at making costume jewelry that he is now even conducting classes in costume jewelry making at SCS.


His positive outlook in life is an inspiration to all.


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