In 2015, SCS established Singapore's first community-based cancer rehabilitation centre to provide holistic support and rehabilitation programmes customised to the specific needs of cancer survivors.

Gui Yao Yu SCS Return To Work Programme Beneficiarye


The SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Centre’s range of programmes and services help to address issues such as weakness, pain, fatigue, limited range of motion, lymphoedema, activities of daily living, depression and anxiety, so that cancer survivors can go on living a wholesome and fulfilling life. As part of the rehab journey, SCS also provides the SCS Return-to-Work programme which supports eligible patients who desire to return back to work. Through physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy, job training, psychosocial counselling and case management, SCS hopes to prepare cancer survivors physically, mentally and emotionally to resume work.

One such client who enrolled for the SCS Return-to-Work programme is Mr Gui Yao Yu, who was diagnosed with Thoracic Spine Ependymoma (cancer of the spinal cord) in March 2017. He underwent an operation and in-patient rehabilitation at a hospital till September 2017. Subsequently, he was referred to the SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Centre for follow up rehab services.

Under the specialised rehabilitation programme, he made great improvement in his physical mobility. “The staff at the SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Center are friendly and helpful. When in doubt, you can approach them and they will try their best to answer to your queries. The modern facilities at the rehabilitation center aids me in my recovery and I am able to see the progress and level of improvements. I would strongly encourage other cancer patients to join the SCS Rehabilitation programme as I have truly benefitted from it,” said Mr Gui.

With the help of the therapist, he was able to walk from using a walking frame to a walking stick.

He also commented, “The therapist went to my workplace to assess the work condition in order to further aid me in the rehab. With the assessment result, the therapist customised the rehabilitation exercises for me. These exercise helped to improve my mobility at the workplace.”

SCS believes that employers can be more compassionate towards their employees battling cancer. Although there are notable side effects from treatment, which can affect their cognitive and physical functioning, special arrangements can be made to accommodate these employees so that they are still able to contribute meaningfully without being disengaged from their role completely.

With the Return-to-Work programme, SCS hopes to partner and educate more companies to hire cancer survivors.

For more information on SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Services or SCS Back To Work Programme call 1800-727-3333 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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