“I just love this place!  It is so warm and welcoming, so different from the usual rehabilitation centre.” gushed Mdm Tuminah. This place is the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) Cancer Rehabilitation Centre, located at Jurong East.



Mdm Tuminah, aged 53 years old was once a very active lady.  In 2015 she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She had missed an earlier appointment for her mammogram and had just returned from her pilgrimage when she discovered a lump in her left breast.

During her treatment she was mentally and physically exhausted. Sometime in late 2016, she chanced upon a newspaper article about the opening of the SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Centre. However she did not join immediately as she was still undergoing aggressive cancer treatment at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH). When she started on her lymphedema treatment at TTSH, she asked if her physiotherapist could refer her to the SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Centre due to the proximity to her workplace.

When Mdm Tuminah first arrived at the SCS Cancer  Rehabilitation Centre, she was struck by the warm and friendly environment. The holistic services provided were far beyond her expectations. She was determined to get back to her normal self and the physical rehab therapists guided her on appropriate type and resistance level of the gym equipment to use.  When she first started, she had individual rehab sessions with the physiotherapist.  However she has now progressed to the maintenance or group sessions as her stamina and endurance level have improved. Her lymphedema treatment is also now managed by the SCS physiotherapist who guides her on self-bandaging techniques, massaging and kinestaping.  In addition, she had dietetics counselling for weight management issues and psychosocial counselling on sexual intimacy and emotional distress.

Mdm Tuminah is very happy by the comprehensive support offered to her at the SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Centre. She added, “The centre is very special as it caters to cancer patients and survivors.  We can exercise in safety as the therapists are aware of the condition we are in.  In addition, the support and service provided by every staff and by each discipline is excellent.  After coming here, I am a strong advocate to other cancer patients to join the rehab centre.  I have told my friends and colleagues, and will continue to strongly encourage those with cancer to come here as part of their recovery journey.”

SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Centre is the first community-based Rehabilitation Centre for cancer patients and survivors.  The centre provides integrated and holistic care to address the physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs of patients through various programmes and services to support patients’ recovery.   

For more info call 1800-727-3333 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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