53 years old Hawa Bebe bte Hydrose is a breast cancer survivor. The single mother of 2 found out that she had stage 2 breast cancer in 2015. With thrombocytopenia, a condition where blood platelets are abnormally low, Mdm Hawa Bebe refused to undergo chemotherapy as it could further lower platelet production and may lead to more side effects.



But eventually with encouragement from her oncologist, she decided to go for it. After 17 sessions of chemotherapy, she underwent mastectomy and then breast reconstruction surgery. During the treatment she was very weak. But her colleagues were very supportive and even accompanied her during her visits to the hospital.


With a high spirit, she believes that everything happens for a reason and you can handle it with a positive mind. Her never-say-die attitude inspired her doctor so much, he even introduced one of his patients to speak with her as she continued to make a difference in others’ lives.


From that episode, she started volunteering with Singapore Cancer Society. She is also a Committee Member of the SCS Bishana Support Group which was formed specifically for female survivors as well as women who have been diagnosed with any type of cancer and are receiving treatment.


Members meet monthly for a variety of programmes which include educational talks/workshops, social and recreational activities, and enrichment programmes. Mdm Hawa Bebe, along with other members, interact with new survivors in the group and help them cope with lifestyle changes; providing them with emotional support.

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