SCS support group member and lung cancer survivor, Lynda Lim Kwee Hua, took part in this year’s Singtel – Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer. The 58-year-old had to go undergo chemotherapy and surgery last year. With half a lung, she completed the 5km route while taking medications in between her run.



In April 2017, Lynda immediately consulted a doctor when she found a lump near her underarm and felt her tummy bloated. With a family history of cancer, she was advised to go for a lung x-ray. A biopsy showed that she had developed stage 3A lung cancer and had to go for a test to check if the cancer cells had spread. Unfortunately, results showed that the cells had spread to her lymph nodes. During chemotherapy, she felt very weak and had to stop after 2 sessions as the doctor advised that it could be life threatening. She then had to go for a major surgery to remove the tumor together with a part of her lung.


Lynda got to know about Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) and its programmes and services through her sister who is a breast cancer survivor. She joined the SCS support group and is active is enrichment classes such as “Be Hype & Be Happy” and other activities.


Lynda is a caregiver to her husband who has colon and lung cancer, but with her positive outlook in life, she is able to manage work and family well.

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