20 year old Nurhidayah Bte Sapadi is the only daughter to her parents. Her dad is a delivery driver and her mum is a freelance massage therapist. She has a younger brother who is in a special needs school. In 2016, Nurhidayah discovered a lump on her left neck which was diagnosed as stage 2 hodgkin's lymphoma. She was shocked as there was no family history of cancer. The diagnosis hit her family hard.





During this time she was doing her 3rd year at Republic Polytechnic majoring in Media Production and Design. She underwent 12 sessions of chemotherapy over 6 months, with each session lasting 3-4 hours. Determined to overcome any obstacle, Nurhidayah continues her studies during the treatment. She is very close to her parents, who played a significant role in her recovery. Her confidence and positive outlook in life further encouraged her family to be optimistic.

During her treatment in NUH, SCS supported her with financial assistance such as SCS Cancer Treatment Fund, SCS Cancer Care Fund and SCS Welfare Assistance. This eased the financial burden on the family. Cancer diagnosis can impose an economic burden on the patient and family especially for those financially challenged. SCS provides a range of assistance schemes to alleviate the financial burden for needy Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. These provide cancer patients with avenues for assistance at every stage of treatment: from pre-treatment, when they are first diagnosed with cancer, during treatment and beyond.


For more information on SCS Welfare Services, log on to http://bit.ly/2g0rp3b or call 6421 5811.


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