In Singapore, about 35 people are diagnosed with cancer every day. The good news is, with early detection and treatment, you can prevent this disease.


Men %   Women %
Colorectal 17.2%   Breast 29.2%
Lung 15.0%   Colorectal 13.3%
Prostate 12.2%   Lung 7.6%
Liver 7.6%   Corpus uteri (uterus) 6.6%
Lymphoid neoplasms 6.8%   Ovary 5.4%
Skin, including melanoma 5.8%   Lymphoid neoplasms 4.4%
Stomach 4.8%   Skin, including melanoma 4.3%
Nasopharynx 3.7%   Thyroid 3.7%
Kidney & other urinary* 3.6%   Stomach 3.5%
Myeloid neoplasms 3.2%   Cervix uteri (cervix) 3.2%

* Other urinary refers to renal pelvis, ureter, urethra, etc.

# Singapore Cancer Registry, Interim Annual Registry Report, Trends in Cancer Incidence in Singapore, 2010-2014



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