Sam Ho was referred to Singapore Cancer Society by a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse. He shares on how he was able to cope well with cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Sam Ho was in a state of shock when he found out he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He said, “That was one of the worst news one can receive. I immediately had to do more tests and scans to find out the stage of the cancer. I had to make quick decisions. It was so stressful going through all that 2 years back.”

After his diagnosis, Sam realised how little he knew about cancer. A Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse shared with him about Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) and the SCS Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Programme.

SCS collaborates with local hospitals to establish the SCS Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Programme to enhance support and care for patients throughout their cancer journey. The programme ensures that prostate cancer patients in healthcare settings are provided with appropriate resources to ensure timely delivery of care, enhance the delivery of optimum care and address their psychological needs through community outreach to improve their quality of life.

The SCS Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse also refers prostate cancer patients to immerse in SCS services, programmes (welfare aid, psychosocial support), The Man Plan Exercise Programme (a resistance exercise programme designed specifically for prostate cancer patients) and the SCS Walnut Warriors cancer support group.

Sam said, “The nurse gave me useful information on what to expect pre, during and post-surgery. She taught me how to do the Kegel exercises and provided her mobile number so that I could contact/text her as and when needed. After my surgery, she came to the ward and checked in on me. She also conducted pre and post-surgery surveys on my overall well-being, and introduced me to the SCS Walnut Warriors Support Group.”

Sam is thankful to SCS for initiating this programme at the hospitals. He added, “This initiative supports newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients with adequate information and has helped me cope with minor issues that may have previously led to unnecessary clinic or emergency department visits. The support has given much hope and peace to all patients in their time of need.” Over the two years, Sam has actively participated in the SCS Walnut Warriors Support Group which has spurred him to attend training and be certified as a SCS Patient Ambassador so that he can extend help to other newly diagnosed cancer patients. If you or anyone you know would like to join a cancer support group, visit