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Are you or your loved ones going for regular cancer screening?

Certain cancers are preventable and many cancers are treatable and curable, especially with effective treatment in the early stages.

Screening helps to detect early signs of cancer or pre-cancerous conditions before any symptoms appear. By the time symptoms appear, the disease is often at an advanced stage.

Common Excuses for Not Screening Regularly

Common Excuse #1: I Feel Fine. Screening Once is Enough
Many do not go for screening as they feel fine. However, early-stage cancer may not have symptoms. By the time symptoms appear, the disease is often at an advanced stage.

It is also important to not only screen but also regularly according to recommended screening guidelines. By regular screening, cancers can be detected and treated earlier.

Common Excuse #2: I’m Very Busy. I Don’t Have Time to Screen
Modern people are very busy going about their lives. You have to juggle work, family and many other interests. It’s therefore even more important to make time to look after your health by going for screening. This will enable you to continue living your life to the fullest. Each test is tolerable and takes no more than 30mins to complete.


Common Excuse #3: It’s Good Enough as I Exercise Regularly and Eat Healthily
While exercising regularly and eating healthy are important, regular screening is just as important and should be regarded as an irreplaceable part of a healthy lifestyle.

Common Excuse #4: I’m Scared of Receiving Bad News
When it comes to your health, ignorance is not bliss. It is understandable to fear receiving bad news and results. Most of the time, screening results are normal. Discuss with your doctor about your fears and misconception and make the informed choice.


Common Excuse #5: I’m Not At Risk As I Don’t Have a Family History of Cancer
There are cancers associated with genes and family history, but most cancers are not. Cancer can be caused by factors such as the environment and lifestyle choices.

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Benefits of Screening

early detection

Early Detection allows for Early Treatment
Screening helps to detect early signs of cancer or pre-cancerous conditions before any symptoms appear. The treatment would be less aggressive as the tumour is smaller and has not spread to other parts of the body


Less Treatment
Less Treatment Needed means Less Cost Incurred
Treatment of early cancers is typically less invasive as compared to more advanced cancers.

Receiving less treatment also means less cost incurred and shorter recovery time.

Treating Pre-cancer before they have the chance to progress
If pre-cancerous conditions are found, there would be even less to worry about. Treatment can be done to prevent the conditions from progressing into cancer.

stay healthy
Stay healthy and spend your time focused on:

  • Meaningful work and career
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Looking forward to milestone celebrations like children’s graduation, wedding and becoming grandparents.

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early detection

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