FIT KIT sticker resssColorectal cancer is the leading cancer affecting both men and women in Singapore. Polyps, benign lumps that may form on the inner wall of the colon and rectum, are fairly common in people above the age of 50. These may develop into cancer and should be removed if detected. 

Colorectal polyps and cancers can be detected by the traces of blood that are bled into the colon. The amount of bleeding can be virtually invisible to the naked eye. The Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) is a preliminary test that detects the presence of small amounts of blood in faeces.

This test is available in a simple kit that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. 

At this moment, SCS is temporarily ceasing the distribution of FIT kits, pending ongoing discussions with MOH and HPB to ensure that continued integration with the national database and workflow. 

In the meantime, Should you still wish to collect kits, you may sign up for Healthier SG and collect your FIT kits from your selected clinic/ polyclinic after meeting your doctor to set your overall health plan. For Singaporeans, this will still be at no cost. For PRs, do note that there might be some prevailing costs that would apply for kit collection under Healthier SG.

For more enquiries on Healthier SG, please call MOH at 6325 9220. Otherwise, you may also reach SCS at 6421 5868. Thank you.