Start your own fundraising event

Planning and running your own fundraising event is a rewarding way to rally the community in the fight against cancer. Almost any event can serve as a platform to raise awareness and funds for the cancer cause. From organising high-tea sessions to fashion shows and sporting events, there are many creative ways to go about organising your own fundraising event. 

Submit a fundraising proposal and someone from our team will be in touch with you.



Third Party fundraisers (i.e. organisers) must sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) prior to the start of their campaigns. 

Please note that SCS will need a lead time of two to six weeks to process the MOA before the campaign starts.

6 Easy Steps to Fundraising

Once you’ve decided on the kind of fundraising event you’ll be organising, you’re ready to take the next steps:

Step 1: Set a Date and Location for Your Event

Inform your friends, family, and colleagues and get them involved. Send them a “Save the Date” email, call, or write them a letter inviting them to join you in the cause.  


Step 2: Create a Fundraising Page

Create an online fundraising page and share it on social media. Nominate “Singapore Cancer Society” as your chosen beneficiary. Upload photos of yourself in action and tell people why you’re in the fight against cancer. You can also use your fundraising page to support an event like Race Against Cancer. Start your fundraising page today on any of the following platforms:


Step 3: Share Your Story

Here’s where you put the fun in fundraising. Tell your friends and family that you are fundraising for SCS. Share how you’ve been impacted by cancer and why you’re organising this event. Maximise your reach by sharing your page on social media and keeping your supporters updated.


Step 4: The Big Day

Now’s the time to shine. Make this the best event ever for your participants. Give a shout out on social media and get your network of contacts raving online and offline.


Step 5: Say Thank You

When the event is over, remember to thank everyone who’ve donated, supported, or sponsored you. Send them a card or a personalised message to share how much has been raised. Show your appreciation for your supporters with a simple note or call to thank them for their generosity.


Step 6: Send the Funds You Raised to SCS

You may transfer the funds you raised to us by:

  • Sending a cheque made out to “Singapore Cancer Society” to: 30 Hospital Boulevard, #16-02 NCCS Building, Singapore 168583
  • Donating via an online portal