Are you a talented artist, a budding musician, or an aspiring athlete? Use your skills, talents, and time to raise awareness and funds for the cancer cause. Do what you do best and inspire others to do the same in support of our programmes and services. Explore how some are making a difference:


Through Arts

SCS Charity Ambassadors Programme allows talented individuals who are artistic to channel their passion from arts into fundraising for the needy cancer beneficiaries in SCS. Artists can put up their artworks for sale and donors can choose to support the artist and the cancer cause by making a donation on the artist's respective campaign pages to procure the artwork. We welcome individuals who are proficient in digital illustration, calligraphy and water colour paintings to volunteer your time and fundraise for us. Every dollar raised through this programme will give our beneficiaries hope for a better tomorrow.


Through Sports

SCS Charity Athletes dedicate their passion for sports to 'Minimise Cancer' and 'Maximise Lives'. These individuals push themselves not for personal fulfilment, gleaming medals, or public recognition but to improve the lives of those impacted by cancer.
























SCS Charity Athletes Eugene Aw (left) and Jeremy Tong (right) have been actively raising awareness and funds for the cancer cause (Photo Credits: Huang Xiao Long)


The SCS Charity Athletes Programme started in 2009, when a group of sportsmen and women chose to dedicate their passion for running to raise awareness for cancer. Since then, the programme has expanded into other areas of sports such as cycling, mountain cilmbing and trekking.  

Our community of SCS Charity Athletes comes forward to support our cause for various reasons. Some dedicate their fundraising efforts for a loved one who has cancer. Others champion for the cancer cause after recovering from cancer. Join our community of SCS Charity Athletes and channel your passion for sports towards doing good!



Support an SCS Charity Athlete

The SCS Charity Athletes featured here have each started a fundraising page for Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) on online donation portals such as Give.asia, Giving.sg and Simplyigiving.com. 100 % of all funds raised will be donated to SCS. SCS does not associate with athletes who claim to raise funds and awareness for SCS without first setting up a fundraising page for SCS on an online donation portal. 

Sebastian raises funds for SCS through running. 


"Though it was tough to run 250 km within a short timeline, it cannot never be as tough as the journey that our cancer patients and caregivers are and have been going through.

Sincerely hope that you can help out by contributing (donations or helping to spread the word) to my small gesture.”

Support his campaign here.


David Abernethy raises funds for SCS through running. 

David Abernethy

"Over 20 tears ago my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a survivor thanks to her determination and the fantastic treatment she received. We recently celebrated her 80th Birthday together. Now I have a very good friend who is bravely fighting cancer which has inspired me to run for a reason and not just run for competition as I did previously. I train around 50km a week and have enjoyed running in races such as the Standard Chartered half marathon, the Relay for Life and the Terry Fox run with the objective of raising funds for the Singapore Cancer Society. SCS has kindly allowed me to use their logo on my running singlets which I hope helps in a small way to raise awareness of the fantastic work that SCS does. Please donate and help me raise money for a very good cause."

Support his campaign here.


Ajay Singh raises funds for SCS through cycling. 

Ajay Singh

"I am doing this because a few of my friends have lost their loved ones to cancer. Cancer prevails in our society more than we think. I am not into endurance sports. However, if this challenge appeals to your generosity, please support me. The exhaustion and endurance that I go through is nothing!"

Support his campaign here.


Alicia Chen raises funds for SCS through running. 

Alicia Tan Xin Ru

"A month ago, on the 16th of July 2020, cancer took my Godma's life. I would like to do this run to remember and to honor her (her courage and her resilience). I am hoping that this will encourage anyone battling with cancer to keep fighting for themselves and for their loved ones. I cannot imagine the having the weight of the financial stress to carry while going through this. I hope that the funds raised can help eliminate some financial stresses to those who needs it and have that hope and courage to carry on through their treatment."

Support her campaign here


Alicia Tan Xin Ru raises funds for SCS through running. 

Alicia Tan Xin Ru

“I am NOT an athlete and running is not (my) favourite thing to do, but running due to a good cause is something I really want to do in this life. I encounter friends and families who are suffering from cancer and I feel so helpless every time I see them suffer. I wish to gain awareness and raise as much funds for these people when I can.”

Support her campaign here

Anthony Png raises funds for SCS through running. 
Anthony Png

"Cancer took away the life of my colleagues from their loved ones and friends. It is a heart-wrenching, painful and tough battle in fighting against the illness mentally, physically and financially......I hope to do my part through my passion in running by pledging to run at least 100km monthly."

Support his campaign here


Arnel Villamin raises funds for SCS through running. 

Arnel Villamin

“Knowing that there are people who suffer cancer illness, I want to, in my own little way help them to survive. Just like what Thomas S. Monson said - We definitely can't direct the wind, but I believe we can help adjust their sails. To all my friends, join and help me raise fund for them. They need our help.”

Support his campaign here


Bervyn Ng raises funds for SCS through the triathlon. 


”Being a caregiver for my mother-in-law made me realised that cancer patients not only need to suffer from physical pain, they also worry about the financial stress that their family members will face from cancer treatments and medications. I want to help the less fortunate patients who are currently battling cancer and hope that they do not need to worry about their treatment bills. I will be racing Tri-factor Singapore in the long distance category. I will be training hard to complete the race in the memory of my mother-in-law and those who have lost their life to cancer."

Support his campaign here


Eugene Aw Swee Leong & Low Bee Choo raise funds for SCS through running. 

Eugene Aw Swee Leong Low Bee Choo

“As a caregiver for my mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer, I firmly believe that everyone has a part to play in this battle, and that together; we can impact lives and make that difference. One person can make a difference, having two or more makes even bigger difference.”

Support their campaign here


Faizah Yussof raises funds for SCS through running. 

Faizah Yussof

"As an oncology trained nurse at a Hospital, I work with patients who battle through a great deal of physical and emotional well being everyday. A lot of times I come home to thoughts of "Will I ever see them again tomorrow? " Seeing my patients' level of positivity towards life as they undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy, I felt that I could do something more for them, something beyond caring and administering chemotherapy for them as part of my daily worklife."

Support her campaign here


James Boen Pau Wen raises funds for SCS through running. 

James Boen Pau Wen

“Having been through the cancer journey myself and being blessed with support and encouragements from family and friends, I now want to play my part to race cancer awareness and channeling my passion for running towards doing good.This world becomes a better place when we all can share our blessings with those who need it more.”

Support his campaign here


Joel Tay Yong Hwee raises funds for SCS through running.

Joel Tay Yong Hwee

“I chose to fundraise for Singapore Cancer Society because I truly believe in everything they are doing to support cancer research here. I am very grateful that I’ve been granted as one of their charity athlete spot and I can’t wait to run in memory for my mum, and for those who lost their loved one to cancer.”

Support his campaign here


Kok Mei Hui raises funds for SCS through running.
Kok Mei Hui

"Being an avid runner, I wish to do good while running, be a role model and inspire more to follow and to do more for others in need."

Support her campaign here


Lydie Hardwood raises funds for SCS through participation in sporting events. 

Lydie Harwood

"A few of my friends with young families were diagnosed with cancer. In my helplessness, all I could do for them was to set up a prayer group so we could frequently lift them up in prayer. While praying I also wanted to move my feet ... Literally. I want to help in beating this disease that affects so many worldwide...... I am sure most of you can relate to this and have loved ones who are, or have been, affected by cancer."

Support her campaign here


Madeleine Png Tian Kim raises funds for SCS through running. 

Madeleine Png Tian Kim

“Here, I am NOT super FIT nor am I in prefect health! I am a plain woman turning 39; suffered and recovered from an over eating disorder depression with multiple medical conditions and issues, having ONE thing in mind before all else; "OTHERS!" I want to be Faithfully Fit, not for myself. But for OTHERS!”

Support her campaign here


Michael Quek raises funds for SCS through running. 

Michael Quek

"During Oct 2017, my mother at the age of 67, was diagnosed as having stage 2 Colorectal Cancer. Before that, we do not know anything about her having Cancer. ""Cancer"" is that awful word. I saw my friends posting in social media that their related family members or friends got cancer but I never expected someone in my family. I am lucky to have two brothers who routines with me attending to our mother's hospitalization, various medical appointment and also the chemo sessions."

Support his campaign here


Pamelyn Tuang raises funds for SCS through running. 
Pam profile pic

“Battling with cancer is an upward battle as it is not about enduring only physical pain, but emotional stress as well. The journey is a constant struggle as cancer patients have to worry about the financial pressure that the treatments put on themselves and their families. Join me as I embark on this meaningful journey to raise funds for the cancer patients. I will run with them in my heart and run hard to fight against cancer. “

Support her campaign here


Simon Koh raise funds for SCS through running. 

simon koh

"To commemorate my 60th birthday this year, I will attempt to complete a 50km trail event within the qualifying time, which will be tough as I have never run more than 42 km before! But I will do my best. I will train hard to complete the run in memory of my sister and her husband and for those who lost their loved ones to cancer."

Support his campaign here


Small Steps Big Dream c/o Ng Mei Ping & Lin Lijuan raises funds for SCS through running. 

Small Steps Big Dream co Ng Mei Ping Lin Lijuan

"30km per month does sound easy. But with the commitments you have. At time you need to set your priority right. We are very lucky to be able to have the choice of what we want to do. At times some people does not. And we know people who fall sick needs more determinations to get simple thing done. Simple thing that we take for granted. To be able to give back to society and help others is what we are working toward at this point of our life. Thanks everyone who supported us and do continue! As we set our target higher!"

Support their campaign here


Team Bato c/o Roselyn Dane Javier raises funds for SCS through running. 

Team Bato co Roselyn Dane Javier

"TeamBato is a group of Filipinos actively participating in Obstacle Course Races and Marathons in Singapore and the Philippines. We would like to take part in supporting our brothers and sisters who are fighting for survival physically and financially against Cancer. Subsequently, we intend to raise the general public’s awareness about this life-threatening illness."

Support their campaign here


Team St Peregrine c/o Christian Ebe raises funds for SCS through running. 

Team St Peregrine co Christian Eber

"My dad was diagnosed in 2009 with late stage colorectal cancer due to lack of screening as he did not making time for it and was too ""busy"". After surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, he went into partial remission but relapsed in 2011. The cancer spread to his lungs and brain and by March 2012 was on palliative care......He has been the motivation for us to increase the volume of campaigns out there to encourage the public to make time for cancer screening as it can make all the difference in the treatment outcome."

Support their campaign here


Team Uyir c/o Vellaisamy Sudalaimuthu raises funds for SCS through running. 

Team Uyir co Vellaisamy Sudalaimuthu

"We are here to raise funds for Cancer treatment. We would like to raise funds and save lives from cancer as much as we can. One of my close friend died because of Cancer. From that moment onwards I would like to do my best support for the people suffering from Cancer. We will be happy if we can help to save a life through this campaign page. I request your support to save lives. Lets help our society together."

Support their campaign here


Thomas Lee raises funds for SCS through running. 

Thomas Lee

"I hope that through by what I am doing to help raise funds for the Cancer patients I will be able to influence more to join the cause into making the world a better world to live in."

Support his campaign here



Wallace Phuah Sin Hee raises funds for SCS through running. 

Wallace Phuah Sin Hee

"Having cancer is unfortunate. If unable to get timely or proper treatment because of financial problems, it is a tragedy! Endurance sports are never easy for me. However, if these challenges could appeal to your generosity in supporting Singapore Cancer Society, I think the fatigue and pain that I undergo are nothing! Together, let’s help! It is more blessed to give than to receive”

Support his campaign here


Zen Goh raises funds for SCS through cycling. 

Zen Goh

"In remembrance of my loved ones who has lost to cancer, I hope to support those who are still fighting cancer. I have never cycle for more than 1km in Singapore. It will be my first time cycling alone in an unknown territory. Mission Defender will be a solo cycling trip in Taiwan for 5 days to reach a distance of 100km as a first time cyclist. Join me in my journey to raise fund and make a differences to those who are still fighting cancer and let them know that they are not fighting cancer alone."

Support his campaign here


Gary Tang raises funds for SCS through cycling

"I'm a Malaysian working and living in Singapore. I'm 50 years old this year. To celebrate this, I intent to embark on a round peninsular Malaysia cycling in Aug. I would like to take this opportunity to help to create awareness and raise fund for SCS."
Support his campaign here


Vanessa Chong raises funds for SCS through running

"I’m a Haematology - Oncology doctor who treats patients with blood disorders including blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma.

My patients inspire me daily with their resilience and smiles despite facing such unimaginable hardship. They display kindness and love to those around them even though they are suffering physically and emotionally.

These experiences truly shape my perspective about life and how we should always count our blessings. I am humbled by the strength of my patients and driven by them to be a better doctor and person."
Support her campaign here


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"One person can make a difference. Everyone has a part to play in this fight, and together, we can impact lives and make a difference."

- Eu Gene Aw, SCS Charity Athlete