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Women’s health is key to the overall performance and well-being of any organisation. In Singapore, breast cancer is the most commonly occur cancer among women. With Singapore’s labour participation of women at a relatively high rate, investing in women’s health can have positive impact on your organisation.

Become an EmpowHER partner to help raise cancer awareness and increase access to cancer screenings at the workplace.


Aim of the programme:

EmpowHER invites organisations to play a bigger role in tackling the rising cancer incidence rate and supporting SCS ongoing effort to reduce the impact of cancer. In return, Singapore Cancer Society will provide funding assistance to defray some screening expenses.

We aim to shift the mindset that Corporate Giving is not only for the external community but also to their own staff—through providing time off for women to take care of themselves.

Become an EmpowHER partner:

When your organisation signs the EmpowHER pledge, you will:

  • Advocate for cancer awareness and early detection in the organisation
  • Increasing access to cancer screening for staff to get screened


  • Provide time off or flexible hours for ladies to go for their screening


Email empowher@singaporecancersociety.org.sg to register your organisation.  


Why provide cancer screening in your organisation?

Employee wellbeing is linked to employee engagement, and your organization becomes stronger across the board when you make employee health a priority.

Cancer screenings are effective preventive actions and measures for early detection. By embedding cancer screening to employee welfare, you can help reducing the impact of cancer. Oftentimes, employees might not be aware of the need for cancer screening. While for those who are aware, there is little impetus to take the next step of going for the screening itself citing high cost and lack of time as reasons.


Singapore Cancer Society support:

Eligible Singaporean and Permanent Resident staff or members of participating organisations will receive year-round funding assistance from Singapore Cancer Society at participating screening centres.

Cancer Screening

EmpowHER Subsidies

Cost of Screening after EmpowHER Subsidies




Aged 25 & above

Aged 40 & above

Aged 50 & above

Aged 50 & above

Cervical Cancer Screening (Pap/HPV Test)

$5 Funding Assistance



Breast Cancer Screening (Mammogram)

$25 Funding Assistance

 $25 - $50



Colorectal Cancer Screening (FIT Test)

FIT Test can be collected at no charge