Newly diagnosed cancer patients often wish to meet other cancer survivors who have gone through similar struggles, especially post-treatment concerns and life after cancer. Our Patient Ambassadors (PA) are cancer survivors who volunteer to be paired with newly diagnosed and/or struggling cancer patients for a maximum of 6 months to provide emotional and informational support. Our PAs will also introduce the patients to larger communities, such as SCS support groups and other resources for cancer patients.


Join us as a Patient Amabassdor! 
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 A Patient Ambassador's story

Once a cancer patient herself, Betty's pain and struggles propelled her towards a beautiful journey of healing and empowerment, emerging stronger than ever with the support loved ones. Cancer is not a death sentence. Discover what the power of social support can do. At Singapore Cancer Society, we believe that no one should fight cancer alone. Our dedicated team is here to craft personalised care backed by a holistic support system to meet the needs our patient's cancer journey, with the necessary follow-up to treatment.