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The first of its kind in Singapore, our rehabilitation centre provides integrated care to address the needs of cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.

This community-based rehabilitation centre largely serves non-acute cases which do not require frequent hospital follow-up. Our rehabilitation team works with patients and caregivers to determine rehabilitation goals and craft personalised programmes. 


The Benefits of Cancer Rehabilitation

  • Focuses on the needs of clients in their cancer journey
  • Reduces challenges in the client's rehabilitation journey
  • Monitors client's progress and needs to help attain a new state of normalcy
  • Provides caregivers a platform to address their needs and reduce stress
  • Gives clients opportunities to learn, interact, and support one another


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A Holistic, Integrated, and Inter-Disciplinary Approach

Each patient's physical and cognitive needs are closely interlinked and must be treated and addressed holistically. We provide:

  • Therapy to address cognition, fatigue, lymphedema, deconditioning and pain issues
  • Comprehensive diet and nutritional support with classes and consultation
  • Counselling to address emotional, psychological, sexual intimacy and spiritual challenges
  • Support group engagement to provide assistance and motivation
  • Work-life reintegration through the Return-To-Work programme
  • Community reintegration through transition to ActiveSG gyms for continuing active lifestyle
  • Professional support for family members and caregivers


Active Rehabilitation

Who Should Apply

  • Newly diagnosed patients at the pre-treatment phase
  • Patients who have completed active treatment and follow-up at hospitals
  • Patients discharged from hospitals and are in medically stable conditions
  • Patients experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, pain, or functional decline that require rehabilitative support


Key Features

  • Customised physical and occupational therapies under the supervision of our trained therapists
  • Psychosocial services to address emotional, psychological, financial and spiritual needs
  • Guidance and advice on diet, nutrition and weight management issues
  • Close monitoring and reviews will be conducted regularly by our trained staff
  • Participation in a range of other activities offered at the centre such as health and fitness workshops, educational talks, support group activities and programmes



A personalised rehabilitation programme will be designed for each client and will vary in length depending on his or her needs.


How To Apply


Your doctor, therapist, medical social worker, or nurse may submit a referral form to SCS on your behalf through: 

• AIC’s Integrated Referral Management System (IRMS)
AIC Link