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Self-image is how one perceives oneself. A person’s self-image is usually linked to his/her:

• Physical looks
• Spirituality
• Roles and responsibilities
• Experiences in life
• Relationships
• Personality and qualities, etc.

The cancer diagnosis often results in many changes in a person’s life in many of the abovementioned areas, which impacts on self-image. This is especially so when the changes are in an area which an individual feels is a core or essential part of his/her identity and what makes him/her feel good about him/herself.

Please inform your cancer care team if you feel that any of the abovementioned changes are causing you distress. To learn more about practical ways to manage with the physical changes, you may consider joining SCS’ Look Good Feel Better Programme. For more details, call 6499 9132.

Visit NCSS’ write up at https://www.nccs.com.sg/patient-care/Pages/Self-image.aspx for more information on self-image, and some tips to help you feel better about yourself, and build a healthy self-image.


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