The FIT50 programme was launched in 2014 in conjunction with Singapore Cancer Society’s 50th anniversary celebrations. FIT50 programme aims to encourage those entering their silver years to stay “fit” and adopt regular health screening for the three commonly diagnosed cancers affecting Singaporeans.

Singapore Cancer Society will be providing cancer screening services at no charge to Singapore Citizens who are turning 50 years old in 2022 and due for screening. This is to encourage them to stay fit, healthy and cancer-free.

The fully-sponsored cancer screening services will include HPV test, Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) and the mammogram screening.

Singapore Cancer Society will pay for remaining charges after prevailing government subsidies for screening tests, so that eligible participants do not pay any amount for it.



#eNEW50 movement features individuals celebrating their 50s by sharing their own health stories, tips for healthier living and at the same time creating awareness on the importance of cancer screening as the bulk of cancer diagnoses in Singapore happens after the age of 50.

Through #eNEW50 movement, we hope to rally Singaporeans to join us in the fight against cancer by adopting healthy lifestyles and going for regular cancer screening.