Get it off your chest. Regular mammogram screening detects breast cancer early. Yet about 60% of women aged 50 to 69 years are skipping theirs. 

Breast cancer is the No.1 cancer affecting Singaporean women and early detection can save lives. Get yours once every 2 years when you turn 50.

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Get Screened with $25 Mammogram Funding Assistance


SCS $25 Funding Assistance for Mammogram Screening

From 1 October to 30 November 2023, enjoy $25 funding assistance when you go for your mammogram screening at any of our participating breast screening centres.

Why is Mammogram Screening Important

  • Early stages of Breast Cancer typically do not have any signs or symptoms
  • Regular mammogram screening can help to detect Breast Cancer, even before lumps can be felt.
  • A mammogram screening can help to detect Breast Cancer early. You should get a mammogram screening done once every two years if you are aged 50-69.
  • The earlier the cancer is found, the better the treatment options and the greater the chances of survival.

Find out more why regular screening is important: Click here 

How much do I need to pay?


The cost of a mammogram screening varies across public and private breast screening centres.  The SCS funding assistance will help to reduce the cost of your mammogram screening by $25.

1) For “Screen for Life” screening centres, a typical mammogram will cost $138 (Before GST). After prevailing government subsidies and SCS funding assistance:

  • Singapore Citizens will pay $25
  • Permanent Residents will pay $50

2) For participating private breast screening centres, cost will vary. SCS will offset the bill by $25.


If you have valid orange/blue CHAS card, consider having your mammogram screening done at no charge at SCS Clinic @ Bishan 


Screening Eligibility & Terms and Conditions

Screening Eligibility

Enjoy $25 funding assistance for your mammogram screening if you:

• are a female Singaporean or Permanent Resident

• are aged 50* and above and have not had a mammogram done in the past 24 months

• are aged 40 to 49 and  have not had a mammogram done in the past 12 months

• have not been breastfeeding for the past 6 months

• are not pregnant

• do not have any breast implants

• do not have any history of Breast Cancer

• are asymptomatic or have no Breast Cancer symptoms

Terms and Conditions

1. The SCS Mammogram Funding Assistance may not be used with other promotions.

2. Please call the participating breast screening centres from our list to schedule an appointment for your mammogram screening.

3. Appointments must be made by 15 November 2023 with the participating breast screening centres, and mammogram screening must be completed by 30 November 2023.

4. Participants must complete consent form and NRIC must be presented upon registration at the participating breast screening centres.

5. Participants who wish to use their Medisave for payment will need to check with the participating breast screening centres if such an option is available upon making the appointment.

6. Participants must complete and fill in all the particulars on the consent form.

7. Participating breast screening centres will follow up with the participants for their mammogram results.

8. Mammogram screening charges may vary across participating breast screening centres.

9. Any post-mammogram consultation where necessary, shall be at the discretion of the participating breast screening centres and consultation fees may apply.

10. Participant’s particulars will be released to the Singapore Cancer Society for the purpose of data verification, follow-up actions,communications on SCS’ activities, programmmes and services and donation requests.

11. Singapore Cancer Society is only responsible for providing the funding assistance. For enquiries on the mammogram charges, please contact the participating breast screening centres.

12. Singapore Cancer Society and the participating breast screening centres reserve the rights to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.


How do I go about with my mammogram screening?


Step 1 : Make an appointment

Make an appointment with the centre of your choice. Try to schedule your appointment one week after your menstruation ends.
If you no longer have periods, choose a date that is convenient for you.


Step 2: Preparing for a mammogram screening 

On the day of your appointment, do not apply talcum powder or body lotion on your chest as this may be seen on the mammgoram 

Please wear a two-piece outfit on your appointment day.

To minimise discomfort experienced during mammogram, you can consider taking 2 tablets of painkiller (paracetamol) before the procedure


Step 3: Attend your mammogram screening

During the process, a female radiographer will place the breast between two flat plates and compress. The compression takes less than 2 minutes. This is performed on one breast at a time.

Some discomfort is to be expected as the breast needs to be compressed to take a clear X-ray. The entire screening process will take about 20 minutes. 

(Please ensure that you have filled up a consent form at the centre to be entitled to the funding assistance)  


Step 4: Results

After about a month, you will receive your results either by post or at a consultation with the doctor (depending on the screening centre).


Step 5: Follow-up

If your results are normal, do remember to go for a mammogram screening

  • next year if you are aged 40-49 or
  • in the next 2 years if you are aged 50-69.

 You are advised to stay with the same service provider.

 If your results require further investigation, stay calm. 90% of women have normal results following further tests. 


Until your next mammogram screening, remember to do your monthly Breast Self Examination  and screen for Colorectal Cancer  and Cervical Cancer 


Participating Breast Screening Centres