Audit Committee

Mr Kenny Rebeira Chairperson
Dr Anna Yip  
Dr Noel Yeo  
Mr Aw Boon Tiong  
Ms Andrea Wong  Secretariat

Finance Committee

Mr Teh Seng Leong Chairperson
Ms Dilys Boey  
Mr Mak Hoe Kit  
*TBA (To Be Appointed)  
Ms Andrea Wong  Secretariat

Investment Committee

Mr Mak Hoe Kit Chairperson
Ms Kerry Leow  
Mr Wong Yu Han  
Mr Mah Liang True  
Mr Chew Loy Cheow  
Ms Andrea Wong Secretariat

Human Resource Committee

Ms Dilys Boey Chairperson
Mr Lee Meng Tat  
Mr Wong Yu Han  
Ms Evangeline Chua  
Ms Cindy Tan  
Ms Sheryl Khong Secretariat

Nominations Committee

Mr Lee Meng Tat Chairperson
A/Prof Ravindran Kanesvaran  
Ms Koh Hui Hwa  
Mr Albert Ching Secretariat


Tender committees for the various SCS tender projects during the year 2024/2025.


Proposed Assigned Committee for Council’s Appointment

NCIS-SCS Fit-out/Setup Facilities Committee
SCS Sub-Acute Rehab - Fit-out/Setup works at NCCS Facilities Committee
Procurement of Kits & Services for HPV & PAP Tests 2025/2026 Community Health Committee
Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer Community Partnership Committee
Milk feeds for Welfare Beneficiaries with Home Delivery Welfare/Tender Committee
Procurement of New Mammogram Machine for Bishan Clinic Tender Committee Setup & Supported by NHGD
Lead Communication Consultatncy Creative Agencies to Handle SCS Campaigns and Publicity Communications Requirements for 2025 with an Option to Extend for 2026 Community Health Committee



SCS Medical Professional and Audit Committee

A/Prof Ravindran Kanesvaran Chairperson
Mr Choo Swee Cher  
Dr Miriam Tao  
Dr Wu Huei Yaw  
Dr Grace Yang  
Ms Alexis Koh  
*TBA (To Be Appointed)  
Ms Eileen Lim Secretariat

Community Health Committee (formerly known as Public Education Committee)

Dr Samuel Ow Chairperson
Dr Choo Su Pin  
Dr Chee Cheng Ean  
A/Prof Timothy Lim  
Dr Veronique Tan Kiak Mien  
Dr Jeffery Tuan  
Dr See Kay Choong  
Prof Jimmy So  
Dr See Hui Ti  
Ms Clara Loh Secretariat

Cancer Treatment Fund Committee

A/Prof Ravindran Kanesvaran Chairperson
Dr See Hui Ti  
Dr Richard Quek Hong Hui  
Dr Eileen Poon Yi Ling  
Dr Jens Samol  
Dr Samuel Ow  
Ms Susan Lim Secretariat

 Facilities Committee

Mr Ang I-Ming Chairperson
Mr Lee Meng Tat  
Mr Mak Hoe Kit  
Mr Chee Wai Kuen Secretariat

SCS Cancer Research Panel

Dr Choo Su Pin Chairperson
Dr Andrea Wong  
Dr Lim Chwee Ming  
Dr Irene Teo  
Dr Samuel Ow  
Dr Huang Qing/ Tan Li Ying Secretariat

Welfare Committee

Mr Choo Swee Cher Chairperson
Mr Kenny Rebeira  
Dr Wong Loong Mun  
Mr Andy Sim  
Ms Susan Lim Secretariat

SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Management Committee

Dr Ng Yee Sien Chairperson
A/Prof Ravindran Kanesvaran  Co-Chairperson
Ms Koh Hui Hwa  
Mr Wong Yu Han  
Ms Hozaidah Binte Hosain  
Dr Norhisham Bin Main   
Dr Lavina D. Bharwani  
Dr Choo Bok Ai  
Dr Edmund Neo  
Dr Jong Sze Chin  
Dr Loh Yong Joo  
Dr Wong Chin Jung (Observer)
Ms Aw Hui Zhen Secretariat

Digital And Technology Committee 

Mr Wong Yu Han  Chairperson
Mr Loh Ching Soo  
Mr Khoong Hock Yun  
Dr Anna Yip  
Mr Gregory Chia  
Mr Lim Wei Lian  
Ms Andrea Wong Secretariat

Cancer Treatment Fund Sub-Committee (blood cancer type)

A/Prof Ravindran Kanesvaran Chairperson
Prof Chng Wee Joo  
Dr Chandramouli Nagarajan  
Dr Daryl Tan  
Ms Susan Lim Secretariat

Community Partnership

Dr Choo Su Pin Chairperson
Mr Choo Swee Cher  
Mr Ang I-Ming  
Dr Anna Yip  
Mr Ang Kian Peng  
Ms Shane Chiang  
Ms Yvonne Koh  
Ms Pamela Wong Secretariat



SCS Relay For Life (2023) Organising Committee 

Mr Mak Hoe Kit Organising Chairperson
Mr Shane Chiang
Mr Ryan Chioh  
Mr Ee Kuo Ren  
Ms Yvonne Koh  
Mr Ellil Mathiyan  
Mr Edwin Lee (TalkMed)
Ms Pamela Wong Secretariat


SCS Help The Children & Youth Programmes Committee

Mr Irwin See Chairperson
Mrs Helen Tan  
Dr Justina Tan  
Mr Kenny Rebeira  
Mr Mark Lin Secretariat

Financial Assistance Schemes Task Force

Dr Wong Loong Mun Chairperson
Ms Chee Wai Yee  
Dr Gilbert Fan Kam Tong  
Prof Ho Yew Kee  
Mr Mark Lin Secretariat

SINGTEL-SCS Race Against Cancer

Community Partnership Committee
Ms Pamela Wong Secretariat


SCS EmpowHER Campaign

Ms Dilys Boey Co-Chairperson
Dr See Hui Ti Co-Chairperson
Dr Amit Kakar  
Ms Hamidah Aidillah  
Ms Jeslin Ngeoh / Ms Sarah Abdul Karim  Secretariat

SCS Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Dr Chee Cheng Ean Chairperson
Dr Han Shu Ting  
Dr Christopher Khor  
Dr Lim Chee Hooi   
Dr James Ngu   
Adj A/P Seow Choon Sheong   
Dr Caroline Siew   
Dr Sim Hsien Lin   
Dr Pauleon Tan Enjiu  
Ms Clara Loh / Ms Kayden Ang Secretariat

SCS Women’s Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month

A/Prof Timothy Lim Chairperson
Dr Chay Wen Yee  
Dr Valerie Heong  
Dr Ida Ismail-Pratt  
Dr Lim Li Min  
Dr See Hui Ti  
Dr Wong Wai Loong  
Dr Wang JunJie  
Ms Clara Loh / Ms Sarah Abdul Karim Secretariat

SCS Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Dr See Kay Choong Chairperson
Dr Chin Tan Min  
A/Prof Philip Eng  
Dr Koh Wee Yao
Dr Darren Lim  
Dr Jens Samol  
Dr Sewa Duu Wen  
Dr Wong Seng Weng  
Ms Jeslin Ngeoh Secretariat

SCS Gastric Cancer Awareness Month

Prof Jimmy So Chairperson
Dr Aung Myint Oo  
Dr Matthew Ng  
Ms Teresa Ng  
A/Prof Asim Shabbir  
Dr Tan Hon Lyn  
A/Prof Andrew Wong  
Ms Jeslin Ngeoh / Ms Xie MeiYi Secretariat

SCS Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Dr Jeffery Tuan Chairperson
Dr Johan Chan  
Dr Terence Lim Sey Kiat  
Clin Asst Prof Tanujaa D/O Rajasekaran  
Dr Lincoln Tan  
Dr Tan Teck Wei  
Dr Tay Kae Jack  
Dr Wu Qing Hui  
Dr Wang Ziting  
Ms Jeslin Ngeoh /Ms Lim QianYing Secretariat

SCS Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr Veronique Tan Kiak Mien Chairperson
Dr Juliana Chen  
Dr Jerry Goo  
Dr Samuel Ow  
A/Prof Tan Su-Ming  
Dr Tan Chuan Chien  
Dr Teo Sze Yiun  
Ms Clara Loh / Ms Lim QianYing Secretariat



SCS Prostate Cancer Survivorship Programmes

Dr Tay Kae Jack Chairperson
Dr Lincoln Tan  
Dr Jeffrey Tuan  
Dr Terence Lim Sey Kiat

Dr Daniel Yong  
Ms Sarah Chen Sijia  
Ms Janice Tin

Ms Norlela Hashim  
Ms Song Kun  
*TBA (To Be Appointed)  
Ms Annie/Ms Aw Lin Xin/Mr Mark Lin Secretariat

SCS New Voice Club Advisory Panel

Dr Samuel Yeak Chairperson
Ms Susan Goh  
Ms Elizabeth Roche  
Dr Lim Chwee Ming  
Dr Tay Ze Yun

Dr Lim Ming Yann  
Dr Siti Radhziah Bte Sudinman  
Ms Annie/Ms Aw Lin Xin/Mr Mark Lin Secretariat



Reach to Recovery Support Group

Ms Too Yu Kim Jessica Chairperson
Ms Zaharah Binti Mohamed Mizah Vice Chair
Ms Lee Yew Ming  
Ms Chau Siew Ling  
Ms Tuminah Bte Sujak  
Elaine Loh/Lin Xin/Martha Soh/Annie Lee/Mark Lin Secretariat

Semicolon Support Group

Mr Prabu Naidu Chairperson
Mr Ellil Mathiyan  Vice Chair
Mr Loh Wan Heng  
Ms Zoe Yap Mui Ling  
Elaine Loh/Lin Xin/Martha Soh/Annie Lee/Mark Lin Secretariat

Look Good Feel Better Programme

Ms Serena Wee Chairperson
Ms Pamela Hoeden  
Ms Amanda Foo  
Elaine Loh/Lin Xin/Martha Soh/Annie Lee/Mark Lin Secretariat

Bishana Ladies Support Group

Ms Tan Joo Sim Calin Chairperson
Ms Wong Siew Ming, Karyn  Vice Chair
Ms Foong Mei Lin Angela  
Ms Foong Mei Wah Donna  
Ms Kong Foong Chun Keller  
Ms Kwek Hwee Leng Judith  
Ms Yu Betty  
Elaine Loh/Lin Xin/Martha Soh/Annie Lee/Mark Lin Secretariat

New Voice Club

Mr Ricky Chiu Soon Meng Chairperson
Mr Chia Hung Chiu Vice Chair
Mr Chan Wah Aik  
Mr Tee Poh Huat  
Mr Ong Kok Choon  
Mr Kan Foo Seng  
Elaine Loh/Lin Xin/Martha Soh/Annie Lee/Mark Lin Secretariat

Walnut Warriors Support Group

Mr Ho Kum Fai Sam Chairperson
Mr Michael John Rollings  Advisor
Mr Tan Tai Jong  Advisor
Mr Then Wee Lin  Advisor
Mr Neo Beng Chye Jordan Secretary
Mr Jason Oh Jin San  
Mr Ricky Wee Say Sun  
Mr Ding Chin Kee  
Elaine Loh/Lin Xin/Martha Soh/Annie Lee/Mark Lin Secretariat