Executive Committee

Mr Choo Eng Chuan  Chairperson
Mr Wee Leong How    Vice Chairperson
Mr Ang I Ming     Honorary Secretary
Mr Calvin Phua Assistant Honorary Secretary
Ms Lim Pek Suat    Honorary Treasurer
Mr Yeo Chuen Eng Assistant Honorary Treasurer
Albert Ching Secretariat

External Auditors


Internal Auditors


Appointed Legal Firm

RHTLaw Taylor Wessing

Honorary Legal Counsel

 Mr Ang I Ming



Audit Committee

Mr Pek Tiong Boon Chairperson
Ms Ku Xian Hong  
Mr Gerald Minjoot  
Andrea Wong Secretariat

Finance Committee

Ms Lim Pek Suat Chairperson
Mr Yeo Chuen Eng  
Mr Choo Swee Cher  
Andrea Wong Secretariat

Investment Committee

Mr Yeo Chuen Eng Chairperson
Mr Choo Eng Chuan  
Mr Benjamin Wong  
Andrea Wong Secretariat

Human Resource Committee

Mr Adrian Choo Chairperson
Mr Wee Leong How  
Mr Calvin Phua  
Saraswathi Sinnappan Secretariat

Nominations Committee

Mr Choo Eng Chuan Chairperson
Prof Lim Soon Thye  
Mr Wee Leong How  
Albert Ching Secretariat


Tender committees for the various SCS tender projects during the year 2016/2017.


Proposed Assigned Committee for Council’s Appointment

Event vendor for “Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer 2017"

Community Partnership Committee
Approved vendors for milk feed Welfare Committee
Appointed vendors for stoma bags Welfare Committee

Vendor for supplying Fascal Immunochemical Test (FIT) kits and peripherals

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Campaign Committee

Vendor for supplying liquid-based cytology supplies and peripherals and full value-added services

Women's Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Campaign Committee

Vendor for creative services and media buy for public education campaigns

Community Health Committee

Upgrade of navision and implementation of Purchase order and inventory system

Project LEAP Task Force



SCS Medical Professional and Audit Committee

Prof Lim Soon Thye Chairperson
Dr Noreen Chan  
Ms Ng Tzer Wee  
Ms Ku Xian Hong  
Mr Yeo Chuen Eng  
Dr Ravindran Kanesvaran  
Dr Khemlani Mansha Hari  
Dr. Ong Yew Jin Secretariat
Dr Teoh Ren Shang Secretariat
Doris Ho Secretariat

Community Health Committee (formerly known as Public Education Committee)

Dr Lim Siew Eng Chairperson
Dr Chee Cheng Ean  
A/Prof Timothy Lim  
A/Prof Henry Ho  
Dr Yap Yoon Sim  
Dr See Kay Cheong  
Dr Yeo Wee Lee  
Kenneth Foo Secretariat

Welfare Committee

Mr Wee Leong How Chairperson
Mr Pek Tiong Boon  
Mrs Lee Lay Beng  
Mr Kenny Rebeira  
Dr Woong Loong Mun  
Susan Lim Secretariat
Violet Yang Secretariat

SCS Cancer Rehabilitation Management Committee

Dr Ng Yee Sien Chairperson
Dr Ravindran Kanesvaran  
Dr Loh Yong Joo  
Dr Effie Chew  
A/Prof Koo Wen Hsin  
Ms Hozaidah Bte Hosain  
Dr Norhisham Bin Main   
Ms Carolina Png  
Dr Lalit Kumar R Krishna  
Damien Ooi Secretariat
Lim YuJun Secretariat

Community Partnership

Dr Ang Peng Tiam Chairperson
Mr Ang I Ming  
Mr Choo Swee Cher  
Elaine Tan Secretariat

Cancer Treatment Fund Committee

Prof Lim Soon Thye  Chairperson
Dr Lim Siew Eng  
Dr See Hui Ti  
Dr Yeo Wee Lee  
Dr Ravindran Kanesvaran  
Susan Lim Secretariat

 Facilities and Relocation Committee

Mr Calvin Phua Chairperson
Mr Ang I Ming  
Saraswathi Sinnappan Secretariat

SCS Cancer Research Panel

Dr Lim Siew Eng Chairperson
Dr Tan Min Han  
Dr Andrea Wong  
Ms Joan Khng  
Mr Choo Swee Cher  
Dr Huang Qing Secretariat

IT Steering Committee

Ms Ku Xian Hong Chairperson
Mr Gerald Minjoot  
Mr Calvin Phua  
Mr Ang I-Ming  
Saraswathi Sinnappan Secretariat


SCS Relay For Life (2017) Advisory Committee

 Mr Hsieh Fu Hua Chairperson 
 Mrs Mildred Tan Vice- Chairperson
Dr tan Wu Meng  
Mr Foo Hee Jug  
Mr Choo Eng Chuan Ex-officio
Dr Ang Peng Tiam Ex-officio


SCS Relay For Life (2017) Organising Committee 

Dr Tan Wu Meng Chairperson
Mr Foo Hee Jug   Vice-Chairperson  
Mr Choo Swee Cher Treasurer
Mr Ellil Mathiyan s/o Lakshmanan  
Ms Calin Tan  
Mr Ee Kuo Ren  
Ms Fang Eu-Lin  
Ms Jean Chan  
Ms Leonie Tan  
Ms Rosemary Chng  
Ms Zarina Othman  
Ms Julie Chiang   
Mr Joel Siew  
Ms Kristina Stapels  
Ms Goh Tze Wei  
Ms Amy Ko  


SCS Help The Children and Youth Programmes - Tuition Advisory Committee

Mr Irwin See Chairperson
Mrs Helen Tan  
Dr Justina Tan  
Mr Christopher Loh  
Lucy Lim Secretariat
Susan Lim Secretariat

SCS Cancer Care Kit Task Force

Dr Yeo Wee Lee Chairperson
Dr Angela Pang  
Ms Terina Tan  
Dr Tan Wu Meng  
Ms Eleanor Wong  
Violet Yang Secretariat

Financial Assistance Scheme Task Force

Dr Wong Loong Mun Chairperson
Mrs Lee Lay Beng  
Ms Chee Wai Yee  
Dr Gilbert Fan  
Prof Ho Yew Kee  
Albert Ching Ex-officio
Violet Yang Secretariat
Susan Lim Secretariat


SCS Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Dr Chee Cheng Ean Chairperson
Dr Cheong Wai Kit  
Dr Iain Tan  
Dr Lai Jiunn Herng  
Dr Seow Choon Sheong  
Dr James Ngu  
A/Prof Tan Kok Yang  
Dr Christopher Khor  
Dr Lim Chee Hooi  
Kenneth Foo Secretariat
Mr Ajay Nair Secretariat

SCS Women’s Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month

Dr Timothy Lim Chairperson
Dr Cindy Pang  
Dr John Chia  
Dr Ida Ismail-Pratt  
Dr See Hui Ti  
Dr Ravindran Kanesvaran  
Dr Chay Wen Yee  
Kenneth Foo Secretariat
Grace Tan Secretariat

SCS Gastric Cancer Awareness Month

A/Prof Jimmy Soh Chairperson
A/Prof Asim Shabbir  
A/Prof Andrew Wong  
Alvernia Chua  
Kenneth Foo Secretariat
Ajay Nair Secretariat

SCS Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Dr Terence Lim Chairperson
Dr Lee Lui Shiong  
A/Prof Henry Ho  
Dr Lincoln Tan  
Dr Ravindran Kanesvaran  
Dr Ronny Tan  
Dr Loke Wei Tim  
Dr Lau Wei Da  
Kenneth Foo Secretariat
Gregory Zhou Secretariat

SCS Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr Yap Yoon Sim Chairperson
Dr Veronique Tan  
Dr Andrea Wong  
Dr Teo Sze Yiun  
Dr Juliana Chen  
Kenneth Foo Secretariat
Gregory Zhou Secretariat

SCS Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Dr See Kay Cheong Chairperson
A/Prof Phillip Eng  
Dr Chin Tan Min  
Kenneth Foo Secretariat
Grace Tan Secretariat



SCS Prostate Cancer Survivorship Programmes

A/Prof Henry Ho Chairperson
Dr Lincoln Tan  
Dr Chong Kian Tai  
Dr Jeffrey Tuan  
Ms Toh Poh Choo  
Ms Sarah Chen  
Ms Karine Sim  
Violet Yang Secretariat
Loke Jun Leong Secretariat


SCS Support Groups Advisory Panels

Dr Samuel Yeak  
Prof Christopher Goh  
Ms Susan Goh  
Mr Gary Chia