Mdm Teoh Hooi Leng was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2006. She woke up one day with severe swelling in her entire body. When she visited the hospital, 6 litres of excess water was drawn out of her body which tested positive for the rare cancer, primary peritoneal carcinoma (cancer of the lining of internal organs). This restricted both her physical activities and diet.

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Presently, Mdm Teoh regularly participates in the services and activities that Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) offers. She takes part in Zumba and “Be Hype, Be Happy” sessions at the SCS Bishan Centre. She also does dragon boat trainings. Having a fit and healthy lifestyle, she also follows her dietician’s guidelines strictly, like keeping her daily protein intake within 5 matchbox sizes.

Mdm Teoh’s positivity is apparent as she said, “Life is not a bed of roses. For those who have been diagnosed, have hope. Trust the doctor and take things in your stride. To everyone, be thankful for the little things.”

Join her at the Singtel - Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer on 28 July at Angsana Green, East Coast Park.

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