In Singapore, 35 people are diagnosed with cancer every day and 15 die from cancer each day.  When you join Relay For Life, you help to support the work that we do in cancer prevention, research, advocacy, patient support services, financial assistance, and cancer rehabilitation.

Join us in our efforts to help save lives by forming teams with your family or friends to walk or run on the Relay track!

Every team that becomes a part of Relay represents the strength of our community coming together in supporting the cancer cause. With each team member taking turns walking around the track for 15 hours, we are making the statement to commit to fighting against cancer.


The fight against cancer is a long and arduous battle. We urge you to make a personal pledge to journey alongside those whose battle still continues. The 100KM Challenge offers all participants the opportunity to declare your fight against cancer and test your mental fortitude through a non-competitive walk/run around the Relay track.

100KM Challenge is a time challenge where at least a member of your team is required to be walking/running on the track throughout the 15-hour overnight event (6pm – 9am). This challenge signifies that the fight against cancer never sleeps. Until the cure for cancer is found, we want to show our support and journey alongside the cancer warriors.

Just as how cancer survivors don’t stop because they’re tired, neither do we.


  • Sign up now as an individual or form a team
  • Report to the 100KM Challenge booth at least 30 minutes before the event flag off (6.00pm on 10th March 2018)
  • For individual challenger*, a baton will be assigned to you and and you are required to be on the #Relay track throughout 15 hours overnight
  • For team challengers, a baton will be assigned to your team and at least a member of the team has to be on the Relay track with the baton at all times throughout 15 hours overnight
  • Each team challenger or individual challenger that is present on the Relay track with the baton upon completing 15 hours overnight on 11th March 2018 at 9.00am will be proudly deemed as our Relay Champions
  • An exclusive **100KM Finisher t-shirt will be distributed to each Relay Champion at the 100KM Challenge booth

*Individual challenger may wish to deposit their baton at the 100KM Challenge booth for toilet/meal breaks. Meal breaks are limited to 45 minutes each time up to 3 meals and indefinite number of toilet breaks of 15 minutes each.

#The Relay track (6 – 8 lanes) is shared among all RFL2018 participants during the event. Participants include cancer survivors, caregivers, students, general Relayers and 100KM Challengers.

**Stay tuned for the 100KM Finisher t-shirt design coming soon!

How You Can Contribute